Are you looking to increase your sales in the New Year? That’s a given. But you may not want to spend more marketing dollars than necessary to do that. Oftentimes I hear of designers that start new marketing strategies because they aren’t making enough with the strategies they’ve tried. However, that may not be necessary…

Let’s look at some ways you can boost your sales without increasing your marketing expenses.

Upsells/Cross-Sells – Using upsells and cross-sells in your interior design business can bring in alot more income. When someone buys something, offer a related product or even more bells and whistles to the one they are purchasing. For example offer contrasting banding or trim on draperies. Ask if they’d like to use goose down in their pillows instead of polyester.  Many times your clients will take you up on your upsell offer, and you’ve just increased the amount of your sale!

Joint Ventures – Find some joint venture partners that will promote your product to their subscribers for either a share in the revenue earned, or for a reciprocal promotion of their product to your email list. Examples might be flooring contractors, kitchen designers, window treatment specialists, etc.

Start an Affiliate Program – Recruit your own sales force in the form of affiliates. Set up an affiliate program where people who sign up will receive commissions on any sales of your products they promote. You definitely have the potential to make a huge increase in sales when you’re not doing all the work alone.

Keep in Contact with Previous Customers – People who are already customers are much more likely to buy from you again. Keep in touch and let them know when your favorite manufacturers come out with new products that relate to their previous purchases. A great way to do this is with an ezine newsletter filled with photos!

If you notice, none of the above strategies cost you any additional money, except for maybe the basic cost of setting up an affiliate program. If you’d like help with setting one up or getting your ezine newsletter going, contact us at

Here’s to more sales!

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