Are you sending emails to your clients, friends and referral partners? If not, why not? There are so many fantastic reasons why I like (and recommend) using email newsletters to generate a windfall of new business… I’ve listed my top 5 favorites below –

1. Cost Effective – When sending email newsletters to clients the ratio of cost to benefits is HUGE and in your favor!

For example… to send out 2000 email newsletters that land in your client’s email inbox is basically FREE, except for any 1-time set up fees and your time (if you try to do it yourself).

To send out 2000 postcards that land in your client’s physical mailbox would cost you about $1400 (give or take).

PLUS on top of all that… if you were to send your email newsletter 1x per month, the initial design and set up expense does not duplicate every month! That happens only 1x. You can’t do that with a postcard. You’d have to design and send a new postcard every month.

Email Newsletter graph

2. Easy – Once you learn how to write email newsletters and send them, it’s a no brainer. It’s not super complicated and all the major email providers have tutorials on how to use their software.

3. Exposure – You are in front of your clients on a regular basis, sending them colorful pictures, tips, inspiring ideas and planting seeds in their minds for new projects.

4. Reminders – You can remind them in a casual non-threatening way…

“Hey, I’m still here. Call or tell your friends about me if they need my services. Remember how great your project worked out and how much fun we had doing it?”

5. Easy Sales to Pre-Qualified Customers – Typically you’ll send your newsletters to those that already know you, like you and even have worked with you before. They WANT to hear from you. Your readers will call you with new projects faster than ever. Plus you already know them, so they’re the most enjoyable to work with and super easy to start on new projects together.

When you provide a great newsletter for your readers… it’s informative, inspiring, colorful and fun to read. They’ll look forward to seeing it in their inbox, reminding them to contact you about they’re next project!

Prior clients are the fastest and easiest way to get new work. Make sure you’re staying in touch on a regular basis with fun, colorful email newsletters!