So you’ve got your Pinterest account set up and ready to go. What now? When using Pinterest for business, you’ll want to create your brand and generate exposure for your work and or products there. How do we do that? I’ve listed a few quick tips below –

1. Your first, step is to simply create a bulletin board.

2. When naming your board, you’ll want to use the same keywords you’ll be using in your product description.

3. What is the product description? The product description is a micro form of advertisement and it should reflect what the product/service is all about. If you are selling a product with a fixed cost, include the price in your description. If you add a price tag with the “$”, Pinterest will automatically put your image into the ‘gift section’ for potential buyers. For example, if you sell floral arrangements, a product description could look like this “Red Holiday arrangements, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, $40 and up”… plus a few more descriptive keywords.

4. Make sure to link your photo back to your website’s product page so your consumer can find and purchase your product/service.

5. Keep your descriptions as short, sweet and catchy as possible (while still using your keywords).

PinterestProduct descriptions are just one aspect of your Pinterest account that you’ll need to set up properly.

If you’d like to learn how to use your Pinterest account for your business, sign up for my webinar on How to Become a Pinterest Superstar. Be sure to check it out and sign up today! Don’t wait!

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