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How would you like to capture the attention of a highly targeted niche?

Ezine advertising is one of the best promotional strategies available to you on the Internet. With Ezines you get targeted readership without spending a fortune. When you use Ezine ads for your business you boost targeted traffic for your website immensely. Below, are the ads that we offer and that attract massive website traffic of targeted visitors.

1. Classified ad. Classified ads, like newspaper ads are 5-7 lines where you describe your product or service. You’ll want to be sure to work on creating a classified ad that works well for you and your product. Take some time to research and review classified ads in different ezines, in different industries. This type of ad requires the least amount of investment at only $49.

2. Sponsored Ad. This type of ad costs a bit more but gets a very favorable position and results. We post your image or banner ad in an eye catching area with plenty of attention. The placement for this ad runs for only $69 and has limited availability.

3. Solo ad. This is when we send out our Newsletter, with only your ad in it. There are no other ads to compete with your message. Again, this ad is geared towards subscribers who have already agreed to receive our Ezines and any accompanying ads.

The best feature of the Solo ad is the amount of words you can use to describe your product or service. Generally, we allow ads to cover up to 500 words. This allows you to write strategic headlines, bullet points, add images, and more. Think of it as a mini-mini website. This ad gets the best results and naturally requires the most investment and is only $159. This ad has limited availability.

Many refer to these three types of ads as the KING of ezine advertising. After all, the subscribers are already familiar with us and the quality of our recommendations. These ads are very affordable and generate a highly targeted stream of traffic. The readers could be your ideal clients and very interested in the products or services you have to offer.

For more information on how you can participate in a strategic placement of your products or services on our website, or in our ezine, please email us today at to see how to get your product or service in front of our audience.