So the holidays are speeding towards us at 90 mph and they’re right around the corner! Egads! Are you ready? Are you taking part in the holiday spending frenzy (professionally though not personally.) I certainly hope so!

Millions of consumers spend and spend and spend and decorate and entertain and party like there’s no tomorrow during the holidays (and I’m not talking about just the Christmas season… I’m talking ALL YEAR ROUND)! Smart businesses know the best time to capitalize on consumer spending is when the consumer is ready to spend, when they’ve saved up for it all year long, when they’re moods are high, relatives are coming and the festivities are about to begin!

Are you offering Seasonal Sales Promotions in your interior design business? If so great! If not, why not? You are leaving gooood money on the table, all year round! The good news is, it’s not too late to get started offering Seasonal Sales Promotions for your Interior Design business!

I’ve listed a few tips on getting the most bang for your business’ buck when it comes to promoting your promotions. Whenever running any kind of promotion, here are a few things to keep in mind for maximum success…

1. Don’t Forget. Now it may seem obvious to say… “Make sure your promotions are front and center on your website and in all your marketing efforts – flyers, emails, ezines, social media, etc.” But it might surprise you to hear that a lot of interior designers don’t think about having a seasonal promotion, when they do, they forget about the importance of keeping focused on it. They end up doing all the work of putting it together and then it gets sidelined.

2. Front and Center. Be sure to put your promotions front and center and super clear within the first couple of seconds of visiting your website. There’s absolutely no point in having a seasonal promotion if you’re not going to spotlight it on your website, in your blog, on Twitter and Facebook. If you run any kind of PPC campaign, sending visitors to your website then putting your promotion hidden on a back page, is a huge waste of time, effort and money!

3. Focus Your Efforts. Your blog posts, articles, Facebook posts and all your focus should be about whatever your current promotion is. This is a tremendous help in a couple of ways: First, it helps when writing your content, because you know where your focus should be and what to write about. Secondly, your visitors won’t have to guess what you want them to do because your call to action will be front and center and very clear.

4. Get Irresistible. Finally, when your marketing efforts are all focused on your current promotions and your promotions are focused on the needs of your customers, you have a win-win dynamic that makes it nearly irresistible for your readers to turn into buying customers.

You’ve studied your target market. You know what they want and need. And, when they come to your website, they don’t have to guess what you want them to do. You now have, when executed properly, a fabulous formula for Seasonal Marketing Success in your interior design business!

For more information on Seasonal Sales and Marketing and fun marketing tips, get our FREE Report… ‘7 Benefits of Seasonal Marketing for Interior Designers‘. Promote your interior design business’ through all four seasons and discover how to take part in the frenzy of holiday spending!

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