I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, and used to see it play out in my interior design business, before I became aware of what I was doing. You see… today, I often talk with people who ask me… “What can I do to market my business that’s free? or “Is there anything I can do that doesn’t cost too much?” and “I don’t have the money right now”.

There are so many things I could pull out from those ‘seemingly innocent’ statements, but what I’m going to address today has everything to do with VALUE.

Have you heard the term “you reap what you sow”? If not, I’m sure you’ve heard it in one its other forms… “you get what you pay for”, “what goes around comes around”, etc.

Now stay with me here… I want you to take a minute and think about this.

  • Do you make decisions based on price? (i.e. always looking for the cheapest way to do something)
  • Are you “proud” of being a true-blue coupon clipper?
  • Do you find yourself spending extra time just to save a little money? (i.e. drive across town for the cheapest gas)

If that’s the case, then that is what you’ll reap in your interior design business. Here are a few ways it could be showing up…

  • Prospects want your ideas but won’t hire you.
  • Your prospects say another designer is cheaper, down the street.
  • Clients might purchase your design services, but won’t purchase products through you.
  • People ask you for coupons or discounts.

Now, on the flip side, when YOU “value” other people’s services and are willing to pay for their time and knowledge, that is what you’ll reap in your business. The good news is, you probably already do this in certain parts of your business… think of your upholsterer or cabinet maker (specialists). You hire them and value their services for your clients’ needs.

My question is this… What are you doing when it comes to YOU and YOUR BUSINESS? Are you valuing yourself?

  • Do you look for the cheapest way to educate yourself? Only taking in FREE materials that only give you part of the equation and never the full answer.
  • Are you ‘proud’ of finding the most inexpensive services you know are sub-par, instead of hiring the service that truly resonates with you and could have a substantial impact on what you have to offer as a designer?
  • Have you neglected learning and improving your business skills knowing that 90% of having a successful interior design business is the BUSINESS part (and not necessarily the design part)?
  • Do you need support in your business but have been avoiding hiring a VA, a coach or a marketing service because you’re trying to ‘do it all yourself’?

Be honest. If any of these ring true for you don’t feel bad. You are certainly not alone. Becoming aware is always the first step. Now you can keep an eye out and see if any of these are playing out in your business. And… do something about it.

So, this brings me back to my first question… “are you reaping what you sow without even knowing it?”

When you invest in VALUE for you and your business (quality products, quality services, education) clients that VALUE your quality products, services and knowledge will also come and invest with you.

But they won’t come first.

Btw… this is a portion of Step #2 in my proprietary system “7 Step System for Attracting Big Budget Clients”

What do you think?? Leave me your comments below…

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