interior design coach video_iconBehind Google, YouTube ranks as THE most popular search engine in the world! And it’s definitely THE most popular video platform by miles, with an estimated 3,000,000,000 views daily. Wow! And don’t forget YouTube mobile, which has increased YouTube’s viewership and popularity by millions more. Double wow!

Did you know that having a YouTube video can automatically push you to the top of Google search results?┬áVideos can provide tremendous added value to your readers and potential clients, by helping you demonstrate the following…

  • How to work with you – a walk around your showroom, introduce your staff
  • “Insider peeks” into what clients can expect when working with you – video snippets of an installation, your installers, selecting fabrics, a day at the design center
  • A particularly tricky installation and how your team handled it
  • Demonstrate a product you have used for a previous client and why you like it/chose it – talk about the quality of the product, exceptional service from manufacturer, long term stability, etc.
  • Services your business offers – it’s always more convincing when you “tell” your prospect about them “in person”
  • How other clients have worked with you and your products – case studies, testimonials, etc

It really is limitless what you can do with your cell phone camera, or an inexpensive camcorder.┬áVideos can also help boost…

  • Your sales and increase your closing rate
  • In-home consultation appointments
  • The value of your product, service, social media presence, SEO rankings

Whatever you choose to demonstrate, keep in mind that you’ll want to keep your videos short and engaging thereby increasing your viewer’s appreciation and perception of your product or services. You want your viewer to be convinced that she wants to work with you. That’s the beauty of video! Your viewer can get to know you through your videos, such that when she does finally contact you, she has self-selected herself. This makes closing the sale much quicker and easier for the both of you. She is already convinced she wants to work with you!

If you’d like help with establishing a marketing strategy for YouTube video marketing, so you can close more sales, more easily, please feel free to get in touch and we’ll set up a time to chat.

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