What Do Your Clients Want this Holiday Season?

Seasonal Marketing… hmm, what exactly is ‘seasonal marketing’? Ok, so it may seem obvious, but stay with me here. The term ‘seasonal marketing’ doesn’t have to mean just your typical winter holiday season – like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween. It can also mean other holidays throughout the year as well as certain ‘seasons’ within your niche in the design industry.

For instance, if you have a business that sells outdoor furniture, naturally your best time of year would probably be Spring and Summer. But if your target market is the new homeowner and you sell window treatments, then your “seasons” could be –

Phase 1“Hurry, we need to get something in the windows”

Phase 2“We’re settled in, now let’s add decorative top treatments”

Phase 3“Let’s coordinate our bedding and upholstery with our window treatments and get the entire room looking fabulous!”

If you haven’t done this yet, take the time to look for and keep track of the search terms (or keywords) your clients use to find you. You’ll also want to watch for seasonal trends within your market. Looking back over the last year’s statistics (if you have them) will help you discover-
– what to focus your content
– what to promote
– when to have seasonal specials
– the keywords to use that will attract the most visitors to you

Of course, I do start with the assumption that –
#1 – You are aware of and keeping track of your keywords and analytics
#2 – You know who your ideal client is
This second one is so fundamental to the success or failure of your interior design business marketing that I spend a considerable amount of time on it with my private coaching clients.

If you haven’t done so, take some time to sit down and write out who your ideal client is. Then, do a little research to find out what’s important to that client. By finding out what is important to your ideal client, you can then make a much more informed decision on the seasonal keywords that will also be important to them. You can then adjust your marketing, as well as your seasonal offerings to directly benefit your ideal client (and your bottom line) in your seasonal promotions.

If your research shows, for instance, that family togetherness is important to your ideal client during the holidays, and you offer a seasonal package on home office furniture and space planning, you can use the appropriate keywords and phrases that will invoke feelings of family togetherness during the holidays. You’ll also show your client how your seasonal package will help them achieve more family togetherness by solving a problem they have – i.e. having to work outside the home on important holidays.

By doing a bit of ‘leg work’ you can have a far more successful holiday season!


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