Get High Seasonal Sales Using Video!

Some interior designers have been reluctant to jump on the video marketing bandwagon… but the fact is, video is becoming ever more popular day by day online. You may as well jump right in (the water’s warm) and get started. And what better time could there be than during a special seasonal promotion?

1. Why Use Video? If you’re giving away physical prizes and services in your seasonal marketing promotions, video is a fabulous way to show them off! Video can and will –
a. Entice your prospects with what both your products and services look like
b. Demonstrate how something functions

Using video is especially helpful for interior designers! You can show off your products, what it’s like to work with you, before and after images, testimonials, and how your services can benefit them. Using pictures and your voice will go very far in getting more and more participants to take part in your promotions. The video will help them understand the value of your promotion and prizes even more. Additionally, if your video is pleasing to the eye, it will likely be shared, thus creating a natural buzz of its own.

2. Decorate for Success. To bring the spirit of the season to your video, consider your clothing, the back ground elements, and the colors of your slides. Your videos don’t have to be overtly smothered in holiday cheer, as you can be more subtle in video than in other methods of promotion, and still get great results! You may not want to call your promotion a “Christmas Sale” but your promotional video could show a beautiful burning Yule log scene behind you.

Sometimes just carefully showing what season it is can work to highlight the season, such as highlighting the brilliant fall colors out the window in the background, or the view from a bright summer porch will at least invoke the feeling of the season without ever having to bring it up. The addition of a pretty red sweater, or a Santa hat, or a pretty Summer dress with strappy heals can go a long way in bringing the spirit of the season to your customers minds without even mentioning it at all. Plus, it can show your fun whimsy side which connects you on a human level to your customers. They just love that and eat it up!

For more information on Seasonal Sales and Marketing and fun marketing tips, get our FREE Report‘7 Benefits of Seasonal Marketing for Interior Designers’. Promote your interior design business’ through all four seasons and discover how to take part in the frenzy of holiday spending!

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