As you probably have already noticed… I LIKE to give gifts to my clients.

And I like to provide not the ‘easy’ gift certificate, but an AMAZING gift for my clients, to say thank you! It’s just one more way to really crystallize in their minds the great ‘experience’  they’ve had from working with you.

Now don’t get me wrong… 

and don’t let there be any ‘pressure’  to come up with an amazing idea. I don’t want anything to prevent you from delivering a nice gesture gift. Just be sure to keep an eye open for different ways you can show your appreciation to your clients and prospects.

Below I’ve listed a few ideas I’ve used as client gifts, some definitely go above and beyond the norm more than others.

Flowers – who wouldn’t love a gorgeous display of tulips, lilies or hydrangeas?

Cookies – chocolate chip cookies are always enjoyed

Gift Basket – something fun and delightful is easy to find

Tea Pot – very thoughtful

Candles – can be so unusual

Movie passes – definitely appreciated

Amex Gift Certificate – make sure to include a hand written note

One very successful strategy I’ve used is to show up with a gift on the very first appointment!

1. Never ever EVER Give it Away for Free – I always charge a consultation fee to meet with new clients in their home. I don’t “do” free in home consultations, despite the fact that there are some companies in my area that do provide free consultations. (I teach the how and why around this strategy, with my private clients.)

2. Gift Baskets Galore – Check to see if you have a local store that sells gift basket supplies. World Market is where I go in my area. They have a fabulous selection of sampler products – cookies, crackers, teas, coffees, etc that you can give as an introductory ‘hello’ gift. This sets the tone for working with this client.

3. Google to the Rescue – If there isn’t someplace locally, look online. You’ll find all kinds of things you can either purchase or gift ideas you can assemble… even if it’s just a simple coffee mug with a couple ribbons in your logo colors. Clients are just DELIGHTED! No one else takes the time to go above and beyond like that.

I once had a client that loved the cute little mini box of cookies I brought her, so much so that she searched everywhere, high and low, but was unable to find them. When she told me about that, I went back in my office and pulled out all the boxes I had and gave them to her. She was so thrilled! I wish you could see the delight on her face.

It’s moments like these that make working with high end clients so satisfying. Did I mention she bought an entire house full of window treatments from me, despite having gotten a lower priced quote from someone else…

Below, I’ve included a few ideas to inspire you to uplevel your next client gift!

Oh, and if you have any ideas or images of what you’ve done (or want to do), please feel free to post and upload your images below. I’d love to see and hear from you!

I’m constantly looking for new ways to up level the experience for my clients and to provide the unexpected… Do you?

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