I don’t know about you, but I have a ‘thing’ for tablescapes. I just looove a gorgeous table… and if they’ve used something in an unusual way they get BIG brownie points from me! So much of what I teach my private clients, when it comes to attracting a higher end clientele, has to do with up-leveling your business; and much of that revolves around what I call the ‘client experience’. When selecting an interior designer, high end clients want to have an appealing, enjoyable, and wonderful experience when working with you. AND because they have the funds, they truly can go anywhere when selecting a designer. They don’t have to go low budget, or stay within a specific price range, so oftentimes price is one of the very LAST things they look at! All things being equal… the interior designer that provides an experience that is enjoyable and unique and top notch from the beginningTHAT’s the designer who gets the large projects!

On my most recent installation, I wanted my client to feel that she was well taken care of during the 2 days we were installing her window treatments. I knew the days would be crazy hectic, lots of people in and out of the house, with many details for us to attend to.

On this installation, I brought over in the helicopter in my luggage, a selection of items to enjoy while we were there. I carefully arranged delectable cheeses, crispy crackers, refreshing fruits, yummy shortbread cookies, a gorgeous teapot with flowering tea, pita crackers, olive tapenade, dark chocolate almonds and more! And they were all displayed with a nice arrangement of flowers. My client ooohed and aahhhed and commented about the spread, how delightful it was and how good it made her feel. It also felt great for me to know she truly appreciated the extra effort. I left with her the teapot to enjoy and a wonderful, enjoyable, thoughtful experience that helped to soothe us all during those hectic installation days. (By the way, the installers were welcomed to enjoy it as well, and it sure made them happy.)

But why not? That my dear is to YOUR advantage. When you WOW your clients, and go the extra mile… they remember, they talk all about it, they tell their friends and YOU STAND OUT and are remembered. And YOU get the next project and the next one and the next.Who do you think does that kind of thing? Can you imagine a flooring company, or tile setter, or wallpaper hanger showing up with a nice flower arrangement, and a snack tray on fine china for the client to enjoy on installation day? Probably not. Why don’t you try it on your next installation… WOW your clients and they’ll be back with more projects and they’ll send all their friends to you too! Take a look below at a few table setting ideasI pulled from Pinterest for inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing. How do you currently WOW your clients? And how can you take things up a notch and WOW them even more? Post a comment below and let me know… I’d love to hear your ideas. Have you heard? We’re putting on a Pinterest webinar for interior designers next week. Be sure to check it out and learn how to use Pinterest in your interior design business. Sign up now!   Cupcakes, flowers, a cute tray and a thank you note.

Pumpkins, books, dried flowers.

Flowers, fruit, a wooden bowl and a doily. Simple.








White pumpkins on a cake plate. Easy. Impressive. So unique.  












Lemons, ribbon and a glass bowl. Add a Thank You note. Gorgeous. Happy! Remember… go check out the Pinterest webinar for interior designers. You’ll want to learn how to use it in your interior design business. Sign up now!

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