So how was your Christmas? Did you enjoy the holiday season?

Certain seasons and times of year really inspire us to do ‘specific’ things don’t they? For instance, right now in January, it’s all about goal setting and getting organized. You might think it ‘just comes to you naturally’, but did you know that we’ve been ‘programmed’ to think that way?

For instance when you go into the stores right now, all the storage and organization products are out in abundance, front and center. You’ve no doubt heard more than one person talk about New Year’s resolutions. They talk about it on TV. You probably have your own goals list, and you probably have a plan to revisit your business and marketing goals for next year. It’s very pervasive and very strong!

(I do talk more about this in much more detail in my ‘Seasonal Marketing’ ebook. Believe me, your eyes will be opened and you’ll start to notice it all around you, all year long! But I digress..)

If you believe in setting goals, like I do… you actually enjoy sitting down and thinking about the year ahead. There have been years however, where I bought into the “I’m not setting resolutions this year, I never meet them anyway” (no wonder huh with an attitude like that!?) And that’s fine. I had to go through that to realize the value of goal setting. And thank goodness I’m back on track and setting a few goals for the upcoming year. Don’t you find that you’re much more focused and get much more done when you set goals? Me too!

Setting daily and weekly goals is one sure fire way to get motivated and actually achieve more in a month than others do in an entire year. I can bet it’s also on your mind as you head into 2013.high dollar designer goal setting toolkit 1

Doing something small every day that moves you towards your goal is far easier to stick with and achieve.

I’ve made goal setting fun and easy. I have a fun and colorful “Goal Setting Toolkit” that I use. It’s small and simple.

And, I’d like to give you FREE access to the template. You can Download my Goal Setting Toolkit printable here and save it to your computer.

Print it out on cardstock or thick scrapbook paper. Take about 20 minutes to fill out the cards and place them on your desk in a cute little stand, for easy reference through out your day!

high dollar designer goal setting toolkit 4

In the next few weeks, I’ll be hosting a workshop about how to market your business online in an easy, step by step manner… which will definitely tie in with setting your goals for the New Year!

high dollar designer goal setting toolkit 3
But for today… my question to you is this… what are three business goals you have in mind for 2013?

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