What if you could have a sales person knocking on doors, talking you up, getting rid of the tire kickers, letting people know all about your products and services in your interior design business?

And wouldn’t it be great to have that sales person working for you 24/7? And the amount of business they brought in was so grand, compared to what they cost! Now wouldn’t that be amazing?

And what if they agreed to work for you for years to come and never took a vacation or requested any time off?

So, how can you get a second salesman like that and start racking up more sales? The simple answer is… BUILD your second salesman! What? No, I’m not talking Frankenstein, or some cyber robot. What I’m saying is build a website for your interior design business that operates as a second salesman. Get your website working for you (not against you) and start bringing in all the clients you can handle!

1. Your website is the foundation of ALL your marketing. It can either turn off your prospects or turn them on to the great services you provide. It can get them asking for more information. Your website and marketing efforts, when set up properly, can bring you all the clients you can handle. A properly designed website should act as your ‘Second Salesman’, serving a number of purposes, the most important of which is… selling you, and bringing in more clients!

2. A properly set up website compels your readers to contact you. Your website needs to have the appropriate blend of marketing messages AND information about you and your services. It’s even more important for interior designers… because it has to include professionalism, beauty and current trends in today’s market. It’s not enough just to put up a ‘pretty brochure’ with pictures of your work anymore. If you want to succeed in today’s marketplace, you also need the correct marketing messages, calls to action, branding, credibility components, and personalization all properly placed without making your readers feel attacked or that you’re tacky.

3. Your website needs to be clear, concise and professionally designed. I’m sorry to say, but too many interior designers have ‘home-made’ looking websites and marketing materials. If you want to work with high end clients with big budgets who are ready to drop a lot of money with you… do you think they’ll do that if your marketing looks hokey, home made or out of date? No.

Now don’t get me wrong… there’s a time and place for home made… brownies, cookies, gifts, hand written notes, etc. But your marketing materials and the representation of your company is NOT one of those times.

Think about this… if you were planning on selling your house, and interviewing real estate agents, to see which one you wanted to hire. What would you think of an agent that showed up at your door in an old, outdated, outfit from the 70’s? Would you have any confidence in that agent? How would you feel about entrusting your home and your large transaction to her? You probably wouldn’t hire her. You’d look for someone that looked successful, invested in their business and marketing materials. If you want to foster confidence, credibility and generate more sales, start with your website. Get your marketing materials up to date and working for you, not against you.

Putting your website to work as your ‘Second Salesman’ is a smart strategy today and one that works fabulously. Websites can generate sales, tantalize prospects and offer a solution to your prospects problems. Impress your clients. Increase your visibility. No company, no matter how small, should be without their own, professionally designed ‘Second Salesman’!

If you’d like more information on how you can get a ‘Second Salesman’ working for your interior design business, take a few minutes to review our ‘Second Salesman’ marketing packages and contact us today to get yours working for you!

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