Postcard Marketing and Your Interior Design Business

The absolute best way to get your phone ringing with prospective clients for your interior design business, is with postcard marketing! And to get a highest number of responses – you need to get a high number of recipients to read your message! Seems logical right? “But how?” you may be asking me across cyber space. Well, don’t worry… this is going to be a lot easier than you think!

Because postcards are limited on space, your message needs to be brief, but powerful. No verbosity allowed on postcards that’s for sure. So, how exactly do you do that? Start by announcing a major benefit in as few words as possible.

Then ask the person reading the postcard to visit your web site or call you, or respond in some other way to get more information. When you keep your message simple, nearly 100 percent of the people who get it will read it!

Include an awe-inspiring photo on your postcard, the more exquisite the better. Be sure to use professional photography and you will draw them right in. Don’t skimp by using a photo you snapped with your cell phone or digital camera. Your recipients won’t be able to resist your postcard when it looks stunning. This happens for several reasons.

1. The message on your postcard arrives already opened and ready to read. No opening envelopes to get to your message.

2. Your postcard creates the feeling of inspiration. It brightens their day when all they were expecting to get in the mail was bills and junk mail. Your prospects appreciate a thing of beauty.

3. You just can’t be overlooked – You stand out from the fray, you jump out from the boring stack of bills, and have little to no competition! You get all the attention even from those that quickly screen their mail over a wastebasket.

Remember, getting the most prospects viewing your postcard produces the greatest number of responses. Nearly everybody will not only read the message on your beautiful postcards, they’ll also be inspired to contact you!

For more information on how you can use postcards in your interior design business, take a look at our Done-for-You Postcard Marketing service here

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