If there’s such a thing as writer’s block… there’s GOT to be what’s called ‘blogger’s block’ too! Unfortunately, you may already know the feeling… intimately.

Do you ever have times when you just can’t write a single word?! Either everything is all jumbled up inside your head or you’re drawing a big fat blank. So, what do you do? I’ve written down a few strategies I’ve used to help me get past “blogger’s block”.

1. Visit other blogs. Go poke around on some other interior design blogs and read what they’ve written. Take a look at blogs that inspired you in the past. And, here’s a really fun one… go visit your least favorite interior design blogs. Why? Well, think about it… by doing that you’ll come away with a ton of really great ideas on what NOT to do. You can write all about those do’s and don’ts in your blog! Pretty nifty huh?

2. Take a look at the comments on your interior design blog. This is one of the best ways to find a topic to write about. You might notice topics, ideas, or perspectives that you set aside for a later date. Or, answer an email or respond to a comment someone posted there.

3. Comment on other blogs. Make use of your own blog to comment on someone else’s blog. You do this by referencing the other blog and expanding on an idea that they started. You can write a different take or perspective on the same topic. Use trackback comments if the site allows it.

4. Check out the news. Even though your interior design blog is more than likely, NOT going to be related to the news, current events or politics, there’s nothing wrong with checking out what’s happening in the world lately. You might find out that Paris Hilton has some new digs and is looking for design advice online (or something silly like that, since she is sooo silly). Or you might find a celebrity’s house in Architectural Digest that you can write about.

5. Writing software and templates. Did you know you can go online and search for creative or journal writing software? It’s specifically there to help you with your writing. Oftentimes, they have suggestions or topic ideas that can help you get started. Templates are perfect for this and fun to use too. Just Google ‘free article writing templates’ or ‘article writing software’ and you’ll find all kinds of resources online.

6. Walk away and forget about it for a bit. This might be one of those times when your mind and body is in need of a break. Get outside. Go to the beach or go shopping. Change your environment. Get up and move around… anything that will take your mind off your interior design blog will help. When you get back in front of your computer again, you’ll feel so much better, refreshed and renewed, and ready to start blogging.

There are so many other ways to get rid of blogger’s block you’re bound to come across something that will click in your brain. Soon the inspiration will start flowing down to your fast little fingers and up onto the page in no time at all.

Don’t have a blog yet? Egads! Really? Go get my ebook “Boost Business with an Interior Design Blog” and let’s get your blog set up! It’s sooo simple to do with my step-by-step instructions. (I also put in lots of pictures. Yaay! I love it when they do that.) So easy.

Or… you’ve got an interior design blog, but haven’t written or posted to it in awhile? You, my friend, need to check out my “Pre-Written Interior Design Articles”! They’re perfect to use in your ezine, blog, etc. Put your name on them as the author and get rid of that Blogger’s Block forever! Easy peasy.

How do YOU get over your “Blogger’s Block’? I’d love to know. Post a comment below…

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