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Keeping a Clean ‘Green’ Home

It can be hard to keep a house clean! Every time you try to get ahead on your cleaning, it seems like you fall right back into a mess. This is especially true for those out there with kids and/or pets. Cleaning up after yourself is one thing, but picking up after an entire family is even more challenging. With all the work it already takes to clean the house, a lot of people think that it would be even harder to keep the house clean and green. But as it turns out, once you have made the initial adjustments, keeping your home clean and doing it in an environmentally friendly way is fairly simple. Below are some tips on keeping a clean green home.

Reduce, reuse, recycle. That old motto still holds true and can certainly be applied in cleaning your home. Reduce the amount of things that you bring home – whether groceries, hair supplies, or clothing – and you will have less to clean up afterwards. Reuse anything that can be reused – whether food containers or cardboard boxes. And finally, recycle that which you absolutely no longer have use for.

Stop relying on paper towels. Instead of using paper towels which get thrown away and end up in landfills, try some reusable kitchen towels. If you don’t want to purchase those towels, make rags out of old t-shirts you were planning on throwing away.

Recycle electronics not being used. With all the advances in technology, many consumers buy a new electronic and leave their old ones in the drawer in the kitchen. But instead of letting these electronics sit around and take up space or alternatively throwing them away, recycle them. A lot of electronics stores offer trade-in programs. You can always try selling your old phones, cameras, and computer accessories on eBay or craigslist and make a little money in the greening process.

Look for environmentally friendly household cleaners. While a lot of products claim to be eco-friendly, not all of them really are. Go beyond the packaging and look at the ingredients in your product. Look for brands that use recycled paper in the paper towels, like Seventh Generation. Read the labels before you buy!

Make your own Windex. Instead of pulling out that old blue bottle, try mixing up some vinegar and water to clean your windows. You will be impressed with what a good job it does! Cleaning solvents are typically full of chemicals that are not only harmful to the environment, but dangerous to the people breathing them in as well.

Involve your kids, whatever their ages. If you can convince your family to live a green lifestyle, cleaning green will be easier – you’ll have less wastefulness and more conscious use of resources. So bring your kids into your cleaning regimen. Send them to the supermarket to recycle your bottles so they can keep the money they get back. Explain why you carry your own canvas tote to the grocery store. Keep them interested by involving them!

About the Author: Karen Miller has been writing about green cleaning tips and Terminix Exterminators for blogs online for nearly a decade. When not writing, you can find her at home with her family or training for her next marathon at her local gym.

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