I received this question today and thought I’d answer it here for you…

“I am concerned that if I buy your newsletters and other people in my area have done so also that my clients may get this newsletter from me and others and that is tacky.”

Did you know that many savvy Interior Designers use pre-written content to boost their engagement, their readership and their income!?

So, what EXACTLY is pre-written content? Very simply put… pre-written content is ready-made material (e-books, articles, reports, etc) that can be reused personally or commercially and called your own.

For those who feel writing is not their forte, pre-written content is a godsend. Ready-to-use content at a reasonable price… it’s such an incredible resource because most of the work—research, fact-checking, writing, and editing—has already been done for you!

However, I will say, there’s more to it than simply cutting-and-pasting it into your ezine or blog.

How EXACTLY do I use pre-written content?

1. The number one key is to modify the content. How much you do so depends on you. You can edit it a lot, or just a little. But you’ll want to add your own style and flavor. After you customize it however you’d like, you can add your name as the expert who created it.

2. Secondly, think about where you’d like to use the pre-written content. If you’d like to use it in your ezine, you really don’t have to change a thing. If you want to use it on your blog, then yes, I recommend changing it up a tad and personalizing it.

3. If you’re creative and resourceful, you’ll be able to craft plenty of content for your blog, your website, ezine, social media posts, etc… even with a limited budget.

I hear this question a lot and I used to wonder about this myself… “What if another designer in my area sends the exact same article to someone on my ezine list? Wouldn’t that be really bad?”

Here’s my answer to that question…

A. You have a lot of factors that have to “magically” fall into place for that to happen. The statistics of that happening are astounding. Let’s take a look.

The likelihood of someone else –

  • buying the exact same set of articles
  • using them the exact same way (ezine, blog, social media)
  • using them ‘as-is’ – ie no customizing, modifying, adding stories or examples
  • selecting the exact same photo as you did
  • sending them in the exact same month, week, etc.
  • sending to the exact same person

As you can see… it’s highly unlikely for that to happen. The odds must be about a billion to one.

B. Even if the ‘billion to one’ scenario were to happen… with the amount of email your readers get every day (if they are anything like me and I suspect, like you) they will not even notice. We have so many marketing messages bombarding us on a daily basis.. we are lucky to remember what we had for lunch yesterday! Trust me… your readers have full and active lives with too many other things going on.

C. The benefits of staying in touch with your list consistently are far greater than not sending anything or sending low quality content.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using Pre-Written Interior Design Articles –

– Remember that your readers want content that is interesting, fun to read, and relevant.

– Select one of the articles and record it as a podcast or even a video log (vlog) post. Sometimes hearing something creates a bigger impact than just reading it.

– If you have PowerPoint skills, use the content to create a presentation, then upload it to YouTube.

As with anything… pre-written articles shouldn’t be your sole source of content, although it really can be an important one. By sprinkling your own content with pre-written articles you can give your blog, website, ezine and social media posts the pizzazz they need to generate more interest, readership and income—without you having to spend hours and hours writing from scratch.

So, if you are struggling to find the time to sit and write content then head on over and take a look at “Ezine Articles for Interior Designers”.


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