Seasonal marketing can be anything from knowing your customers’ shopping habits and offering products and services specifically tailored towards their particular buying cycle to actually acknowledging the seasons on the calendar whether that be a holiday, or an anniversary. 

Decorate your blog seasonally

Most of you have probably noticed what Google does during various holidays to their logo. They decorate their logo to celebrate or bring attention to themes, ideas, and holidays that might be of interest to their users. Sometimes their decorations are controversial, and sometimes they are just cute and funny.

You can retain customers with seasonal marketing or you can repel them, so make sure that you know exactly who your target market is before you engage in any type of controversial variations. However, acknowledging the holidays that your customers celebrate with a little extra flair on your blog can go far in creating a bond between you and your clients. One idea might be to change the color of the titles on your interior design blog to reflect the four seasons – ieOrangefor Fall, Red for Christmas, Green for Spring, and Blue for Summer. You may also want to post photos that are particularly seasonal and colorful for the seasons.

Offer seasonally focused products

Depending upon your target market you can also offer special limited time product offerings focused around the “seasons”. Seasons is in quotes because this can mean so many things. It can mean your particular product cycle, or it can actually mean the holidays on the calendar.

If your target market is young marrieds an example of a seasonal offering might be as follows:

Limited Time Holiday Offer

Too busy to decorate to impress the in-laws during the holidays? Take December off!

1/2 day of Holiday Decorating in your home, with your items, arranged, set up and beautified by a professional interior designer all before December 15!

Sign up today for this limited time offer. Only five spots available!

This offering is seasonally focused, and limited in both time offered and number of spaces so you’re both offering something seasonally focused, and offering something limited thus creating scarcity which might invoke feelings of loss if they don’t sign up for your offer right away. Since all celebration times are specific and limited it’s just natural that the holiday creates a good way to create a sense of urgency. Seasonal marketing works because you are tapping into your clients’ tendencies  and desires to purchase when they’re already primed to buy so the amount of persuasion that you need to do is greatly lessoned.

Create a holiday just for your current customers

You can create seasons with your current customers and increase they’re retention and loyalty by making them feel special. By paying attention to your target market’s interests, hobbies, etc you show that you’re tuned into your market which creates trust between you and your customers.

We all know it’s a lot easier to sell to an already impressed and satisfied client than to obtain a brand new customer so make sure to capitalize on that fact. To create a new season, you can make an exclusive offer to existing customers on various anniversaries. The offer can be made on the anniversary of their first purchase or upon the purchase of a particular product, it’s up to you. It’s a good way to say thank you, and it’s a good way to make your client feel special, it creates a feeling of exclusivity and trust which will further increase retention.

Take a few minutes to uncover the ‘hidden seasons’ in your interior design business. Then get started with seasonal marketing and reap the benefits for your interior design business. For more information check out “Seasonal Marketing for Interior Designers“.

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