I’m so glad that I went with Barbara, because I just LOVE what she’s done!

Thank you for creating my gorgeous new Facebook banner and website header! I gave Barbara free reigns on the design and she took it all the way home for me!

Thank you – I LOVE it!

Before working with Barbara I really didn’t like my website at all and was ready to completely change it to something else. I just didn’t know what to do and I was really busy with other things in my business, so I never got around to doing anything. It really bothered me and I know it influenced my business.

My biggest struggle was that I was unhappy with the first impression people got when they landed on my website for the first time. The header was busy, too large, the optin box was too small, there were images missing, and my previous web designer just disappeared and left me high and dry, with it looking that way. Secondly, my Facebook banner didn’t match my website’s branding, which I know is very important.

The other designers I spoke to all needed a “specific direction” from me, and to tell them what I wanted. The problem was that I really wasn’t sure how to say ‘out loud’ what I wanted. I couldn’t put words to it, so no work was ever done.

Barbara took one look at my website and really understood me. She had a vision for me and my business that I never would have imagined. I really didn’t have to give her anything….she had a vision and ran with it… and I must say that I’m so glad that I went with Barbara, because I just LOVE what she’s done!

She is really good at what she does and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Araceli Gonzalez
Productivity Mentor and Business Strategist

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