As a marketing consultant and coach I get asked this question all the time…

A coach is someone who works with you one on one, as opposed to in a group training program. For many people (including me), there just comes a time when you know that you know, that you know… that you need to get help with some aspect of your business. Below I’ve listed a few reasons why you too might want to consider hiring a coach…

Why Do People Hire Coaches?

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I’ve found that people hire coaches for a number of reasons.

1. Their business might be “stuck” or they’ve plateaued and they’re ready to get unstuck. They need some forward momentum to take things to the next level. (Although they may not even know what that next level is!)

2. Some people hire coaches to help them develop skills they know they’re lacking.

3. There might be a stubborn problem in their business that they need help tackling.

4. Others just need someone to hold them accountable or to help them with motivation.

5. They might have trouble focusing on what they need to do from day to day. Or feel overwhelmed with everything they ‘think’ they should be doing.

It’s a “Good Thing” to Hire a Coach

interior design coach trinketRegardless of your initial reason for wanting to hire a coach, the benefits can be enormous! Someone who is an advisor, who has not been involved at your level of detail, can see the big picture of your business better than you can at times. A coach provides an objective, big picture view that is difficult to have when involved in the day to day operations of a business.

With an objective view, your coach helps you see where you need to focus your efforts to make the most of your business. You are held accountable for your actions and you get the motivation you need to push forward. This is also extremely valuable to help you let go of tasks or projects that aren’t adding value.

A coach is also someone you can brainstorm with who might bring completely different and creative ideas to the table. You can look at current problems from a new angle, coming up with solutions you hadn’t thought of before.

Are You Ready for a Coach?

ready for an interior design coachBefore you decide to invest in a coach, you’ll want to think about the following questions:

• Do you have a clear vision and plan for where you want your business to go?

• Are you focused on the actions you need to take to achieve your goals?

• Do you have all the skills you need to move forward? Do you even know what skills you need?

• Do you know how to tackle the problems you are currently facing in your business?

If you answered “NO” to any of these questions, then you’ll want to consider hiring a coach with the experience you need, to help you.

While hiring a business coach can be a significant investment, many successful entrepreneurs will tell you it’s an expense you can’t afford NOT to make. In fact, you might be surprised at just how many business people have hired someone to give them advice at some point.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? You may be ready for a coach! If so feel free to contact me at and let’s see how I can help you.

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