In last month’s survey… soooo many of you asked this question, in one way or another, I thought I’d answer it for you here.

Q. What marketing strategies are most effective in this economy?

A. That depends!

There are so many great ways to market your interior design business that WILL bring you the results you want, even today. However, a much better question to ask yourself is… “Am I fully maximizing the marketing strategies I’m already using, to their greatest potential?”

Oftentimes when working with my private coaching clients, I find that before working with me, they tried several different marketing strategies all with with less than stellar results – like Facebook, a website upgrade, LinkedIn, networking groups, etc.

After digging deeper, what I find happens most often is they haven’t fully optimized one strategy before giving up on it and moving on to something else. This only puts them further behind because they’ve already taken the time (and expense) to learn, dabble and try it with limited knowledge, only to abandon it because it ‘didn’t work’.

Do you see yourself in that scenario? Frustrated? Overwhelmed? Confused? If so, you’re in luck! Keep reading and solve that dilemma.

My Recommendations:

1. Because as you know… I’m a BIG believer in only working within your giftedness ie doing what you love – interior design, art, photography, etc… NOT sitting behind your computer trying to be the next fantastic social media expert… invest in a specialist in your chosen strategy and let them do their magic for you!

2. If that isn’t feasible just yet, then take the time to learn ONE marketing strategy at a time inside and out. Fully learn it. Set it up. Use it. Invest in training programs. Maximize it. And like a lemon… ‘squeeze’ absolutely everything out of it that you can, and add it throughout the rest of your marketing plan. Get it working for you, bringing in potential clients, then automate it and move on to the next strategy.
For example…

Facebook – IF your ideal clients are there, then take the time and invest in an online course on how to use Facebook for your business. Hire a specialist to
a. set up your business page
b. develop a strategy
c. establish an automated marketing system to maximize your presence there

If you did this, one step at a time, you will have so much work coming in you won’t know what to do.

1. Start with one
2. Invest in a specialist
3. Stay with it until you make your investment back
4. Repeat with the next marketing strategy – Twitter, LinkedIn, Postcards, Ezines, etc.

What have you tried and been successful with? Have you juggled too many strategies and not gotten the results you wanted? Let me know in the comments below.

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