cwg-headshot“A real go-getter, Barbara¬†generously shares her creative marketing talents.”

I work with Barbara. One time I pointed something out to her on my own site. Later that day, she surprised me by creating a brand new header for my site.

She sent me several samples to choose from. I was so surprised to see the wonderful headers she designed. They were colorful, engaging and really spoke to the essence of what I wanted to convey on my site. It was hard to choose just one.

A real go-getter, Barbara generously shares her creative marketing talents. A team player and collaborator, our work together produces results far better than either could achieve alone. Barbara is a ‘people person’ with great design and organizational skills. When she gets hold of an idea she just won’t let go and follows it through to completion. It makes for a formidable combination! Creative and thorough! I always look forward to working with Barbara, because we get a lot done in a short amount of time and we have fun at it too.

– Chuck Gregory, Fort Lauderdale FL

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