marketing for interior designers“In my very first month of sending out postcards, I landed several new jobs. One was over $5000!”

Over 12 years ago I discovered postcard marketing for my interior design business. I knew someone who used them every month as a marketing tool. He received a constant stream of phone calls each and every month, just like clockwork.

When I first looked into it, I was shocked at the prices from the graphic designers to design the postcard, so I put it on the back burner. It was more than I had ever invested in marketing my interior design business and I was concerned about investing that much money.

However, I kept seeing my friend get more and more jobs. Every month as he sent out his postcards, he had brand new clients calling him for quotes and a lot of new business coming in. So much so, he could hardly keep up. Eventually, I decided to go for it.

1. Graphic Design – I chose a graphic designer who charged $800 to design the postcard, which took several weeks to complete. I wrote the text for the backside, discussed the layout, the colors, reviewed the proofs and more.

2. Photography – Next, I spent over 6 hours with a photographer getting professional photos taken. A professional photographer today charges a minimum of $1500 per day.

3. Bulk Mail – Did you know there’s a very specific set of rules you must learn and follow to send bulk mail? I spent several more hours applying for a bulk mail permit from the post office and learning how to properly label and sort the postcards.

4. Mailing List – I then signed a one year contract to receive mailing labels of new homeowners moving into the area.

5. Printer – What makes a good printer? I got quotes from several printers. Did you know there’s a huge variation in what they charge, even when comparing apples with apples? I wanted quality postcards, responsive service and a reasonable price.

6. Sorting and Labeling – After picking up the postcards I spent the next 3 nights on my living room floor, hand labeling each and every postcard. Then I sorted them into the proper categories according to the post office’s rules for bulk mail.

7. Consistency is King – Each and every month, the postcards got mailed. And you know what…? If the postcards went out late, my pipeline of new clients suffered. Business slowed down tremendously when the postcards didn’t go out.

In my very first month of sending out postcards, I landed a $5000 job as a result. The client showed me the postcard and commented on how beautiful it was and it stood out from the rest that she received. It was why she called. That one job easily paid for my investment with plenty to spare. The rest of the jobs I landed from sending postcards were pure profit. The postcards paid for themselves after 1 job.

Sending postcards became my primary source for new clients

and they ‘worked like a charm’ every time!

8. Time – All in all, I spent well over 30 hours getting the postcards designed and printed, not to mention sorting and mailing them out each month. Looking back, it took a lot of time. The money was easily recovered (and then some). However, all that time will never be recovered. It’s time I would have rather spent with family and loved ones doing things I enjoyed with them.

Luckily, today with High Dollar Designer’s postcard marketing service, things are much easier.

* Takes less than 10 minutes or less, per month.

* Beautifully designed postcards go out to your list automatically.

* Your phone starts ringing with interested prospects.Contact me at 949.494.3345 or to set up a complimentary marketing consultation and discover how postcards can grow your interior design business.

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