Marketing your interior design business with postcards has never been a better idea than it is today.

4 color, glossy, low-cost postcards can drive a high volume of traffic to your web site, generate a flood of new leads, or promote anything you’d like.

After generating hundreds of thousands of dollars from postcards for my interior design business, I must say that they’ve always been a fabulous marketing method and one that has never failed me.

As one of the few long-standing marketing methods that actually produces better results today than in the past, you just can’t go wrong with postcard marketing!

1. Fast Acting – Inexpensive and simple to use, postcards can produce results in just a few days. I could always tell when a new batch of postcards went out, because I would then receive phone call after phone call from new prospects that gave me all the business I could handle, until the next batch went out the following month.

2. First Class for Less – The current postage for mailing a postcard in the USA is only 28 cents. For a measly little 28 cents, the US Postal Service will process and deliver your postcard exactly the same as a First Class letter. No long wait times for delivery or low priority mailings. Your postcards get delivered First Class!

3. No Minimums. No Maximums – You don’t have to send a minimum number of postcards or sort them in any special way to get the 28 cent postage rate. Just toss your postcards, any amount, unsorted into a mailbox just like you would with a First Class letter.

4. Action Packed – When creating a message for your postcard, all you need is a brief “benefits” statement that stresses all the advantages of working with you. Also remember to include what’s commonly known as a “call to action”. Simply, this is your request for the prospect to take some type of action. It could be ‘pick up the phone and call’, or ‘go to our website’, or ‘come in today’.

Postcards have been a fabulous tried and true marketing method for many successful interior design businesses over the years.

If you’d like help on how you can use postcards in your interior design business, contact us for a consultation to review your current marketing plan and if postcards would be a good fit for your business. .

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