How to Use The NEW LinkedIn Company Pages for Your Business

LinkedIn for interior designersLinkedIn, is a much better source of traffic for businesses, because people go there for business, not just chatting and playing games!

In fact, most people on LinkedIn are there FOR SALES! Did you know that?

The true power of LinkedIn lies in it’s ability for you to build meaningful and profitable business relationships with like-minded individuals. This is how you can easily build your business… quickly!

You get exposure while building your business, which means getting massive amounts of targeted TRAFFIC to your website, seeing your products, services and what your business is all about!

Discover the Proven Seasonal Marketing Methods Big Businesses Use to Attract Customers, Increase Sales, and Improve Profit Margins

When it comes to retail sales, the holy grail of profits and income is the holiday shopping season. You’ve probably attended some of the high-profile sales, been attracted to the glitzy commercials, and been swept away by the emotions and sentimentality of the season. The result of which is a parting of your money from your wallet.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could use those same strategies in your interior design business? Imagine eager clients crowding around, calling you and wanting your time and expertise, just like on “Cyber Monday.” What would that do to your bottom line? What if you could easily encourage visitors to spend more through strategic seasonal tactics just like the big retailers have done for years?

High-Quality Interior Design Articles

Getting new, big budget clients in the door can be as easy as typing a few words and clicking send. When you use our specially designed email newsletter articles, your clients hear from you in one of the most effective ways available today. Email newsletters! And yet, who has the time, the energy or the desire to sit down and write blog posts 3 times a week, plus write informative and entertaining articles for your ezine newsletter every other week?!

What does it actually COST YOU in time, energy and sales to sit down and try to write your own articles? Take a look at our article packages and order today!!

“10 Ways to Use Your Blog as a Lead Generator”

The #1 reason most interior designers don’t blog effectively is – coming up with new content! With this power-packed, easy-to-follow workbook and audio, that stumbling block will be eliminated fast and forever.

Thousands of businesses are now getting more new leads and new sales with creating blogs. Did you know that you can actually stay in touch with your clients (and attract leads) when you constantly update your blogs?

Let the clients feel your presence using 10 Ways to Use your Blog as a Lead Generator!

“Borrow My Brain”

If you know your marketing could be better, but aren’t sure about how or what to change, and you want to attract those great, high end clients without spending alot of money for an entire marketing and branding makeover… this program is for you!

You’ll receive a personal, video review of your existing marketing products and what you need to do to make them better and get them working for you. It could be your –

  • Website
  • Twitter profile
  • Facebook page
  • Blog effectiveness
  • Ezine layout and strategy
  • Printed materials – business card, brochure, postcards, etc.
  • and more!

If you’d like more information on this service or any others, please feel free to send us an email today!

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