Yesterday, I showed you why LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo changed my profile headline – and how she made it stronger in order to attract more clients and better clients. Today, we’re covering the information in the top blue box where you list your positions and your websites.

1. Before Kristina started revamping my profile, my position was “Marketing Consultant / CEO High Dollar Designer”. Pretty bland. It certainly didn’t show how I help my clients. But now, if you look below, you’ll notice that my newly revised experience section is expanded and demonstrates the many different services I offer to interior designers and small businesses, and more importantly, how they can benefit from my marketing services.

2. Notice how each position is written like a headline. This attracts attention and entices my readers to read my complete profile.

3. I used to use the ‘default verbiage’. If you scroll down further in the blue box – you’ll see that you can (and should) list your company websites. Most people (including me) use the default verbiage: “company website”, “blog” and “personal website.” However, I’ve since learned that the default verbiage doesn’t inspire anyone to click and go look at my website.

It’s important to give people “calls to action” and tell them exactly what value they’ll get when they click. Take a look how my company websites are listed now…

To get even more LinkedIn profile secrets, check out the free teleseminar I’m doing with LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo.

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