If you’ve got kids, you’re well aware of the ebb and flow of life that happens around the school schedule. But even if you don’t have children, or if yours are grown, you’ll want to be aware of school timing and how it effects your interior design business.

  • Summers, for example, tend to be laid-back, with not much going on. Parents of school-age kids generally take the opportunity for a family vacation or – for the work-at-home crowd – to just relax a bit.
  • Fall is filled with activity as kids prepare to head back to school.
  • Winter is when college applications get serious
  • Spring is all about finishing up the school year and getting ready for summer.

How can you work these seasonal activities into your own marketing plan?

Another thing to consider about the school schedule is holidays. Christmas and spring breaks are a good time to advertise vacation specials or ‘stay-cations’. These are also great times to remind your clients you’re available to help them out while they’re away with the family. And if you happen to live in a tourist town and cater to local brick and mortar businesses, your design business can really benefit from showing potential clients that you understand their unique challenges during a busy season for them.

Let’s face it, most people are affected by school schedules, whether or not they have school-age children of their own, so neglecting to take it into consideration when planning your marketing calendar is a mistake no interior design business can afford to make.


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