So, it’s been about 8 weeks and you haven’t heard from me. Hmmm… why is that?

Well, as you know, I’ve been involved in a very high level mastermind group this year and it has come to a close. which brought up so many different feelings. Some sadness at having to say goodbye to so many dear friends I made this year. Some relief at the thought of having more time to implement all the great strategies I learned. A LOT of excitement at teaching several workshops next year with lots of new things to help you grow your business!

I went to Florida to attend a mindset conference. THAT was simply amazing! And then back to New York for the final mastermind meeting.

Have you ever wondered about the people that fly all over everywhere to attend conferences? Did you ever wonder about all the money they spent for flights, hotel, food, etc? And what about staying away from their businesses for all that time? How did they do it and was it worth the investment? Did they make their investment back?

When I decided to invest in this year-long mastermind training, I was at a point where I was either going to GO BIG, or do something different. You see… when someone invests in mastermind programs, coaching, mentoring, or training… they are literally investing in their own future, in their bottom line, and in themselves. Nowadays, I don’t really wonder about the people that travel around and attend all those conferences. They are investing in the most important thing… their own future and the future of their business.

When is the last time you invested ‘seriously’ in yourself? Don’t you think it’s about time you invest again?!


Barbara  🙂

PS: You may be wondering… “So Barbara, was it worth it? The amount you invested. The time you put into it. What you learned. What you got out of it?” And I will say… “Of course it wasn’t all wine and roses. It was very difficult, at times. However I will say, without a doubt… YES, it was worth it. And YES, I will be doing it again!” Why don’t you join me…


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