So you want to increase clients and build your interior design business. Are you sure? If so, you’ll need to make marketing a priority. Typically, interior designers have special skills and talents that make them perfect candidates for what I like to call “in-person marketing” and turning their social contacts into new clients.

1. Networking – One of the things that many designers do naturally is talk about their interior design business. Lots of people are interested in the latest interior design trends and want advice on how to use those trends in their home. Once you start talking with them and show not only your enthusiasm but also your expertise, you naturally build a network. Even if that person in particular does not immediately need your services, they may know someone who they will recommend as a new client for you now or down the road.

2. Public Speaking – Another marketing opportunity many interior designers use is public speaking appearances. Do you participate in “women in business” or other similar events? Do you participate in charities or other social events in your community? If so, you have the opportunity to talk about your interior design business and what excites you. This too is considered marketing and if you take advantage of these opportunities to talk about your interior design business, the excitement and joy you feel about your business will be obvious and oftentimes contagious. You’ll pick up new clients right and left just by speaking about what you know and love.

3. Social Media – One of the newest forms of marketing is social media. If you’ve already jumped on the Twitter bandwagon, then you already know how to send Tweets to your followers. Be sure to send out Tweets every time you update your interior design blog, update your website or attend an interior design event. Social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook are great for building your marketing network. You’ll be surprised at how many new clients you’ll get from there.

Building an interior design business takes dedication and skill, but if you ‘socialize’ and engage in the activities that you naturally enjoy, you’ll find others are happy to talk about your interior design business with you. This in turn, brings you new clients and builds your interior design business! If you’d like help getting started, take a look at our Social Media Package and start socializing. You’ll get more clients for your interior design business today!

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