In this post, I reveal why failing to have an enticing headline is causing your prospects to skip over your profile – and go to your competitors.

Now, having a lame, boring headline is just 1 way you are causing disconnect. Here are some more profile mistakes revealed to me by LinkedIn marketing expert Kristina Jaramillo… 

1. Your profile summary reads like an author’s bio. For example, here’s my summary before Kristina made her changes:

“As president of The Shadey Ladies for over 19 years, interior designer Barbara Deckmeyer specializes in providing beautiful shades, exquisite draperies and sumptuous bedding to her clients, which include some of the most prestigious interior designers and homeowners in the world.

As a window treatment specialist, consultant and writer she’s been flown to exotic international locations for her client’s projects and been published in magazines, newspapers and industry publications for over 25 years.”

Notice, how writing in 3rd person creates an unintentional wall between you and your prospects? LinkedIn is a social networking site where you focus on making professional personal connections. But how can there be a genuine connection if I’m not speaking to my prospects directly in the 1st person? (Seems so obvious to me now.)

2. Why choose me? Before Kristina started working on my Summary, you’ll notice I don’t explain how I’m different and more importantly how interior designers can benefit from their connection with me. I don’t describe results. And, I certainly haven’t added any calls-to-action. (Not good.)

Nowwww, check out my profile Summary and Specialties (which are almost like headlines themselves) that Kristina revamped on my own LinkedIn profile:

For even more LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn marketing secrets specifically for interior designers, contact Barbara to learn how you can use Linkedin to get more High Dollar Clients.


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