One of the best ways to promote your interior design business these days is by postcard marketing.

Compared to other direct marketing techniques, you can actually reach more people and get your message across for a lesser cost.  You can definitely get your interior design business on the map and get a good bang for your buck with this method.  In fact, reports from the U.S. Postal Service say that postcards are read up to 6 times more often compared to other forms of direct mail. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

For those of you who have used this method before or if you are thinking about trying this method, I have gathered a few simple tips that can help you get started.

1. Grab your clients’ attention with captivating headlines – Come up with strong, appealing headlines that can get your recipients’ attention at once.  In order for them to continue reading your card and what you have to offer, you would want to get their attention and pull them in. 

2. Avoid beating around the bush – Use specific, direct and short phrases with strong call-to-action words. You’ll want to get your point across ASAP as these postcards are meant to be read immediately. Unnecessary words will only take up important spaces.

3. Get visual – It’s no secret that good postcards are kept and remembered. Many of my clients claimed that they have held onto my postcards for over a year, until they were ready to buy. Well-designed postcards are much more likely to be kept and even put up on display. If your postcards get held by a magnet on a refrigerator, then you have the opportunity to keep your message in front of your customer.

4. Partner with the Post Office – Since First Class Postage offers a return to sender option, you’ll be able to clean up your list after you send your very first postcard. You will be able to update your clients’ mailing address or take people off your list that has moved out of the area.

5. Make sure you send your postcards to the right people – Send your postcards to those you’ve had contact with in the past or to those who were your previous clients. Start keeping track of your prospects’ mailing address and emails (if you haven’t kept track of them yet) and consider buying a list from a reputable broker.

An extremely effective way to keep in touch with your clients is through postcards. It is an interesting and non-intimidating way of saying, “Hey, remember me? I’m here and you can call me anytime!”. If you want some new clients, go get started with your postcards right now!

Staying in touch with your clients to build relationships is absolutely vital today. Do you send out a monthly or weekly email newsletter? If not, you should be! Email newsletters can go a long way to keeping in front of clients on a regular basis. Do you need help coming up with great content and articles? Check out our Ezine Article Packages for Interior Designers and start getting more clients knocking on your door!

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