Recently I read this excerpt posted by Steve Bursten and wanted to share it with you. Exciting!

EXCERPT:interior design marketing mcmansions Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the National Association of Realtors, observes that “affluent buyers seem to be lured to established suburban communities that are near job centers and have good schools. They are showing less interest in the large homes — often dubbed ‘McMansions’ — in the exurbs that were popular during the housing boom years.”


For some affluent buyers, better means a somewhat smaller home but with higher-quality design and more amenities. In fact, some of these buyers are the ones jettisoning their current mega-mansions in favor of a more comfortable, homey lifestyle, reports The Wall Street Journal.

Small luxury homes are gaining in popularity, especially among well-to-do buyers looking to downsize but upgrade. Again, the SELLING POINT IS IMPROVED QUALITY OF LIFE. (Editor: Use that in presentations, new home or not. Appears to be a consumer trend and buzz word.)
All of this activity bodes well for interior designers and builders, as the abundance of new high-end products featured at this year’s KBIS indicates. Clients are once again willing to spend to have the lifestyle they want.
But keep in mind that the new luxury is quality of life, whatever form that takes for that client.

How would you adjust your marketing messages, your presentations, your pre-qualifying strategies to reflect this information? Here’s what I would do…

1. Master the Message: In my ezine, blog, print ads, social media and postcards, I’d look for and find ways to use buzz words related exactly to what the excerpt mentioned. Here are a few that come to mind…

  • quality of life
  • bigger doesn’t mean better quality
  • ‘investing’ in their lifestyle = investing in their home
  • quality over quantity
  • smaller means easy upkeep
  • freedom to do the things you love
  • upgrade your home, upgrade your life
  • cozy, homey, cute, quaint

2. Invest in High Quality Images: The images you select can convey a message of 1000 words… in a split second. So use that to your advantage. You don’t only have to show photos of your work. You can show images of your ideal client (happy smiling couples, families, kids, babies, grandkids, etc) in their homes, entertaining friends, having garden parties, BBQ’s etc. enjoying their quality of life.

3. Craft your message: in a few words, write something along the lines of – less worry about the upkeep of your home. = more time to enjoy life and friends and the things that matter most.

Top Secret Tip: When I’m looking for new ways to convey a message, I go on a hunt and peruse the luxury brands to see how they (with their million dollar advertising budgets) phrase things, what they emphasize, what they talk about, etc. You will find some fantastic verbiage when they describe their rooms, the lobby, the activities, etc.

So… How would you adjust your marketing messages, your presentations, your pre-qualifying strategies to reflect this information? Leave me a comment below…

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