“Networking is an ongoing process, not a discrete event. Success comes from making new contacts, following up and keeping in touch.” – From 102 Secrets to Smarter Networking

It’s hardly a secret… but easy to forget that ‘relationships are built over time, not overnight’. If you talk to someone about your interior design business for 5 minutes at a party, networking event, or anywhere for that matter, do you think they’ll refer you to their best client?

Moreover, even IF they understood what you do, and IF there was an opportunity they could refer you to, and IF you were truly the absolute best person for the job… more than likely, you STILL wouldn’t get the referral! Ugh!

Yes, we’ve all experienced that, and yet why does it happen? The #1 reason is… you need to connect at a deeper level. And how do you do that?

1. Get to know one another over several interactions.
2. Start helping each other in small ways, building the know, like and trust factor as you go.

One thing to remember is, while you strengthen these relationships, don’t forget to continue to make new contacts along the way at events, parties and networking groups. The absolute best way to continue to make new contacts that could build your interior design business, is to have a plan. If you have a system in place (e.g., active membership in one professional organization) and a plan (e.g., meet 5 new people each month, call 2 existing contacts each week), you’ll make continual progress rather than moving in spurts, which is inefficient and far less effective. As with any other marketing technique, consistency is key!

Keep at it and keep building and you’ll reap the rewards of a thriving, growing interior design business built on solid, unshakable relationships.

Holiday Networking and Your Interior Design Business

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