Do you pay someone to cut your hair… ?

– a dentist to take care of your teeth?
– a mechanic to tune your car?
– an upholsterer to recover furniture?

I’m guessing you do and you’ve probably assembled a great ‘team’ of people that support you very well in your life, or you wouldn’t go back. Am I right? Yep. Ok, so that being said… why are you doing things in your business that are not your specialty? I’m guessing it’s because it has something to do with one of the following reasons…

1. You’re ok with throwing money away (ouch, really?) – How much do you charge per hour? $75 – $125 – $250…? On the low end, that’s easily $600 – $1000 per day, right? Therefore, you certainly should not be doing any work that’s as minimal as $20 per day! Isn’t that ridiculous!? Especially if it’s preventing you from signing up more clients! Or if it BRINGS IN more clients (networking). Seems goofy, huh!

2. You like to learn… no matter what. Some business owners want to learn how to do everything themselves, with all the ins and outs and down and dirty details. But here’s the thing…some marketing strategies have a very steep learning curve and take up so much valuable time (social media for instance), so while you are LEARNING how to do it, is it actually doing you any good? Making you money? Is it getting DONE every single day? Every week? Or every month? Because that’s how social media marketing HAS to be done to be effective.

3. You can’t decide what came first… the chicken or the egg. Many times, as business owners we really want to reach that ‘magic point’ FIRST when we know, without a shadow of a doubt that we can ‘afford’ to invest back into our business, hire marketing help, upgrade our website, etc. Or oftentimes I hear them say they are waiting until they have the ‘extra money‘. Unfortunately they’ve got it backwards and they don’t even know it. You have to invest in the marketing of your business FIRST, and THEN the money will come. Plain and simple and unfortunately, there’s no sugarcoating it.

It’s a lot like the age ol’ analogy… what came first the chicken or the egg?
1. Do you ‘wait’ for the ‘extra’ money to come and ‘save it’ so you can put it towards more marketing?
2. Or does investing in the marketing ‘first’, produce the ‘extra’ money?

You see, this is one lesson I learned in my interior design business in a very big way, thankfully.

Early on, I invested in a professional to design custom postcards for my interior design business. Wow, was that a pretty penny! And believe you me… I’m not saying it was an easy thing to do. But you know what? I used that exact same postcard over and over again, for 9 years as my main lead generator, and it worked beautifully! I easily made well over 10,000% above and beyond what I invested for that simple little postcard. Nice ROI right?

Secondly, I committed to a mailing label service for a YEAR! I sent out anywhere from 600 – 800 postcards per month, all at once. And like clockwork, I’d get about 10 – 15 inquiry phone calls and I’d sign several nice, lucrative projects (sometimes more than I could handle!) each and every month. But that mailing label service was a 1 year contract and believe you me, I tried to get it for shorter, but no such luck. But once I committed and invested, I made so much more money than I would have otherwise!

And just so you know, this one strategy worked so well, I stayed with it for 9 wonderful, very profitable years!

Stop and think for a minute… let’s say you were out running errands and you stepped off the curb and broke your ankle. Would you hobble home in agony, go online and look up “do-it-yourself home surgery” and then try to operate on your excruciatingly painful ankle? Of course not!

So, why would you ever dream of doing things in your business that are not your specialty?

Why don’t you send me an email or give a call at 949-342-4564 and we’ll talk about how I can help you with marketing your business. Do you need a new website? A great postcard designed? Private mentoring? I’d be delighted to help!

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