Party season is upon us. The holidays, in all their glory, are a fabulous time for gathering and connecting with family, friends, co-workers, vendors, associates, etc.

When you ‘party with a purpose’ you create a great way to promote your interior design business and bring in new clients in January – typically the slowest month of the year! But with proper planning now, you can set yourself up to be busier than ever and maybe even pay off any holiday debt you’ve incurred!

1. Host your own – Invite others to a gathering YOU host in January. Get a batch of business cards printed to hand out now, in December. Add a message about your January event to the back. They could say something like this –

a. “Set a Goal to Get Organized! Attend my Upcoming Organization Party!”

b. “Join us for Ideas on How to Get Organized Now that the Holidays are Over.”

c. “Got a New Year’s Resolution to Get Organized? Join us and discover innovative and inexpensive ways you can get organized for the New Year!”

d. “Now that the holidays are over – stop by for a refreshing presentation to get organized. Receive a free consultation on your upcoming year’s decorating.”

2. What kind of event – The type of event can vary and will depend on your goal. It could be a workshop that educates clients and their friends in your expertise. It could be an open house showing off a new (or existing) product line, coffee and dessert to introduce new products, etc. The event is simply one which provides value to your clients and/or offers an experience of you, your product, services and company.

3. Advertise now – Start sending messages such as direct mail postcards and email postcards right after Christmas. That’s the best time to promote an event for January – especially if it’s related to getting organized for the New Year.

4. Advertise how – The more marketing mediums you use, the better. I recommend starting out with a postcard mailed to all your friends and prior clients. You’ll want to also email all your friends, family, clients, prospects and acquaintances to remind them, about once a week, leading up to the event. And finally, calling your past clients the week of the event is a great way to personally invite them and will produce great results!

5. No Pitch – Be sure to remove any inkling of a sales pitch. Keep your event informal, like an intimate gathering of friends getting together for coffee and dessert. No one likes to be sold to, but they would enjoy an informative get together with friends.

The possibilities are endless of what you can do. However, the frequency of your events will create a greater result in your bottom line. Think of a good commercial on television. You’ve seen it more than once, twice, and three times even. Why should your interior design business be any different? Your business and services should be promoted as often as possible. Consistency and frequency are key!

I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas, or events you’ve hosted to promote your interior design business by posting a comment below – good or bad.

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