As I’m redoing one of my own websites, I’m reminded of the importance of high quality pictures.

interior design business marketingOne of the things I talk about over and over again with my web design clients is the importance of high quality photography. That makes such a huge difference when it comes to the overall impression and the message you send to your potential clients.

I’ve listed below a few of the things I’ve learned over the years when it comes to your brand and photography.

1. Get professional images taken of your work! Do not use your own hand held camera for images and expect it to make a great impression of the work you do.

2. If you can’t always afford a professional photographer at every installation, take close up and artistic shots of your work. For example the super creative header you came up with for your client’s draperies. Or a close up of the trim you used on the throw pillows. Then send the images to your graphic designer and have them color correct them for you. Typically images need to be brightened up, the colors adjusted, etc. You’d be surprised the things they can do with pictures these days.

3. Finally, if there’s a product line you like and use often, contact the vendor and see if they have any stock photography you can use on your site, in your ezine, to write about on your blog, etc. (Look at how many people use Hunter Douglas stock photography for the window treatments on their websites. A lot!)

And here’s the thing… I don’t know of one vendor that I work with that would say “No, no thank you. We don’t want you to send photos of our products to your clients in a newsletter.” Now that would be silly wouldn’t it? You are showcasing and recommending their products, in the hopes that it will turn into a purchase, right?! This is good for the client, good for you and great for the vendor!

Let me know how I can help you with upgrading your website, or if you have any questions when it comes to marketing your interior design business. I’d be honored to help you. Call 949-342-4564 with any questions and someone will get back with you within 24 hours.

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