postcard marketing and your interior design business

You could have the absolute very best call to action on your postcard and the most awe-inspiring photography money could buy.

Heck, your postcard could even ‘sizzle’ in the hands of the mailman! (Oops! Sorry… mail person.)

And yet… if you don’t send your postcards to those that are very interested in what you have to offer, you will not be able to get your recipients to contact you! A very crucial factor!

I’ve listed below a simple 2-step process on how to find the very best mailing list for your interior design business postcards.

Step 1: Who is Your Ideal Prospect? Start by defining the qualities of your ideal prospect. List all the characteristics you could expect to find in those prospects that would have a strong interest in what you have to offer. An easy way to do this is to write down the names of some of your best customers. Then go back and list the characteristics they have that made your product or service valuable to them.

Step 2: Where Do They Go? Once you’ve listed the characteristics of your ideal prospects, make a list of the activities or hobbies they pursue.

For example –

* What associations or clubs would they join? (Many association or club membership rosters are available to the public or, if not, you may be able to get them from one of the members.)

* What licenses would they be required to have? (All licenses except driving licenses and auto registrations are public information you can get at your city, county or state licensing offices.)

* To what publications are they likely to subscribe? (Most publications rent their subscriber list to other mailers.)

* What products or services are they likely to buy? (Many companies are willing to share their customer list with other non-competing businesses that are willing to share a customer list in return.)

This simple 2 step process will quickly reveal several mailing lists with the names and addresses of your perfect prospects. You may even uncover a great list without having to pay for the services of a mailing list broker!

For more information on how you can use postcards in your interior design business, take a look at our Done-for-You Postcard Marketing service that gets results here.

Postcard Marketing and Your Interior Design Business.

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