Get Clients FAST with Done-for-You Postcard Marketing!

In this day and age, you can’t just sit back and wait for clients to call or come in anymore. High Dollar Designers use multiple avenues to get in front of potential clients.

So much of our advertising has gone online, which is good. However, it’s important to repeat your online marketing message through a variety of avenues and stay in front of your clients. Done-for-You Postcard Marketing uses direct mail to get your client’s attention. Stand out from the fray, be unique. Send beautiful 4-color postcards in the mail. Bump up your marketing and boost your bottom line with Done-for-You Postcard Marketing!

Why Market with Postcards?

Postcards are direct

When you mail to the right customers, you’ll be spending your marketing dollars wisely and on those already interested in your products or services.

Postcards are easy

Postcards are small in size and are easier to create and send than other formats – no folding or envelopes required. Before you know it, your message will be in your customers’ hands.

Postcards are affordable

A cost-effective way to acquire new customers, obtain leads and create loyalty.

Postcards are eye catching

Postcards are colorful, visually appealing and easy to read, ensuring that your message is seen. They’re often set aside for future reference or passed along to others.

Postcards are versatile

Whether you’re promoting a sale or announcing a new product or service, postcards are a great vehicle for carrying your message.

Wouldn’t it be great? No more…

– Hunching over your computer, wasting hours upon hours, trying to learn how to ‘do marketing’.
– Watching another webinar or reading another book on how to ‘do it yourself’.
– Months slipping by and no new marketing going out.
– Feeling overwhelmed at the thought of trying to learn a new marketing technique.
– Nagging thoughts knowing your marketing needs to go out, but you have so many other things to do.

Dump the marketing drudgery!

Imagine the relief you’ll feel when putting your marketing on auto-pilot with Done-for-You Marketing Postcards. Turn it over, never worry or think about it again. It’s done for you! All you’ll have to do is field all the calls from your new clients.

You get to focus on what you love… Interior Design! You get to make money doing what you do best… Interior Design! The clients and the dollars start pouring in and you are a very happy Interior Designer!

High Dollar Designer’s Postcard Marketing Helps You –

  • – Reach customers faster
  • – Keep costs down with affordable pricing
  • – Save time and money – we design it for you
  • – Boost results with professional photography

Stop trying to save money by doing it all yourself! In the time it takes for you to figure out how to do it yourself, you could have landed a high end project for 10x the amount it would cost to invest in this marketing program. There’s a steep learning curve that takes alot of time. Is that what you really want? To spend your time learning about marketing? I’m guessing not.

What you Get with Done-for-You Postcards –

  • – Beautiful Photography
  • – Professional Graphic Design Layout
  • – Expert Copywriting catered to the Interior Design industry
  • – Strong Calls-to-Action

All you have to do is…

Contact us HERE to let us know you’re ready to get started!

We design your postcards for you! Imagine…

  • Professionally designed promotions specifically for Interior Designers
  • Save time and money
  • Make a great first impression with high quality photography

Done-for-You Postcard Pricing is Affordable –

Custom Designed Postcard – For You to Mail

Details: 4 x 6 Postcard Design, 4-Color Front, Color Back, print ready.
Text: You supply
Revisions: 2
Design Fee: $149

Contact us today via email or at 949-342-4564 for more information.

Postcard Samples: