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Being a creative entrepreneur is awesome… The thing is, somewhere along the ride, stuff gets in the way. It starts getting harder. It stops being fun.

You’re juggling 21 projects at a time just to pay your mortgage. You start comparing yourself to strangers on the internet.

All the sudden, it feels like all your colleagues are having money fights on their yachts, while you’re struggling to scrape by. And you find yourself asking if your dreams are even worth the hassle.


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Life is Messy Bootcamp® is an online program + vibrant community that cuts through the hype-y fantasies around being your own girl boss, like working 4-hour weeks while dipping your perfectly pedicured feet in warm sand, and instead, teaches you how to use your quirks… your flaws… your REAL story to build a profitable creative empire + design a life you don’t need a vacation from.

Join 7,000+ creative entrepreneurs who use this proven planning system to show mess who’s boss + make room for genius work!


  • Clarify the journey ahead + stay focused. In other words, windshield-wipe the shiny objects + negative brain chatters + haters that obstruct your vision to the top of your North Star. Do I hear a Hallelujah?
  • Centralize everything in one place. Let me say that again ladies: ONE PLACE to store to-dos + tasks + appointments + notes + doodles + journal entries + goals… you name it, there’s a place for it. Keep it all together. No more hunting down Post-Its like a crazy person.
  • Turn “I should do that” into superstar habits you can actually stick to + automate + make you happy. Heroic 007 stunts are great for Bond, James Bond, but in real life it’s all about the tiny day-to-day calls that pay off big time.
  • Declutter your mind + declutter your world, so you can spend less time looking for sh*t + more time doing work that matters.
  • Checkmark your bucket list, minus the overwhelmed + mental constipation + insomnia typically associated with military-like productivity systems. Yuck!
  • Fatten your piggy bank so money can finally can stop being a crap excuse as to why you can’t live more or pursue your passion projects in your Buzz Lightyear jammies with a sense of worthiness.
  • Laugh more, because what’s the point of alphabetizing your entire spice cabinet if you’re a Grumpy Grinch?

Seriously, check it out… You’ll be glad you did!


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