I was thrilled last week when I was asked me to interview and share about the work that I do with interior designers and small business owners. I never thought I’d “do” radio, but the opportunity presented itself, so off I went! It was so enjoyable, I am definitely adding it into my marketing mix.

Fresh from my interview, I wanted to share with you a few tips for a great radio interview. Success with radio boils down to three things: preparation, passion and understanding your audience.

1. Preparation. –¬†Go on the radio website, and see if you can get an understanding of their listeners.

  • How long do you have for your interview?
  • What kind of content are they looking for from you?

You want to make sure that your content will be relevant and appealing to their audience.

2. Passion. – Do not write a ‘script.

This always sounds canned’ and will turn off both the presenter and your listeners. Instead, compile a sheet of bullet points and make each one stand out, either by highlighting with different colors or circling key points.

It’s super easy to get carried away in an interview and then realize later that you barely touched on your key points.

3. Review your expectations of the interview with the presenter beforehand.

Talk through the questions they want to ask and agree on the content they’d like you to ideally communicate. Make sure the presenter knows how to pronounce your name and your business name correctly.

4. Recording. Speak clearly and enthusiastically and make a conscious effort not to umm and err. You’ll want to be a bit more enthusiastic and passionate as you would be if you were doing a presentation face-to-face.

5. If allowed, give your contact details, very clearly at the end and repeat them for good effect.

6. Afterwards, when you are finished recording and off the air, thank the presenter, pat yourself on the back and find out when the interview will air. Then promote, promote, promote!

The fun really begins when you hear your interview. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be smiling and groaning in equal measure. There’s always room for improvement!

NOTE: To thank the presenter, I like to send a card and a yummy box of brownies. I use a service that makes it so easy! I don’t have to buy supplies, bake or head to the post office. It’s all done for me in about 5 minutes. Glorious!

Here’s a link to my interview –

Your interview will air this Friday at 9:00 and 2:00 CST on the Amazing Women of Power Network. I created the link below to promote the show.




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