There are many online tools, applications and services that promise great marketing results for your interior design business. But the truth is, most are hype-filled and full of baloney! And I think you deserve better than that!

Instead of wasting way too many hours signing up for these flash-in-the-pan services, you have a choice for something else! Get high quality products and services that could be a great fit for the needs of your interior design business. I’ve combined my favorite products, software and services into one Marketing Resource Toolbox for Interior Designers!

The software and services in this toolbox have been pre-screened, tested and examined to ensure a quality product or service. Our Marketing Resource Toolbox saves you valuable time and energy!

For access to our exclusive and advanced Marketing Resource Toolbox, take a few minutes to fill out the form below. Your name and email address is the only thing that separates you from this resource. Once you sign up, you’ll receive instant access. P lus, you’ll receive a complimentary subscription to our email newsletter  loaded with marketing tips, tools, downloads and the latest news for your interior design business.

Below I’ve listed a few resources we use already, but they aren’t nearly as comprehensive or as juicy as our Marketing Resource Toolbox. So go ahead and sign up below for instant access!


AWeber – Great for list management, newsletters and email campaigns. Click here to find out more.

Bluehost – This is where many of the websites we build are hosted. Excellent tech support! I just can’t say enough good things about them. Click here to find out more.

Constant Contact – Great for sending Email Newsletters. Beautiful templates, easy to learn and understand, excellent for staying in touch with clients. Click here to find out more.

Hostgator – Web hosting, very helpful customer service, available at all hours, easy to use and learn. Click here to find out more.

Interior Design Pro – Join to promote your design services with a professional online listing. Setup in minutes, increase your online visibility and join fellow professionals. It’s a great resource for your business, and once you sign up, be sure to go to my page and ‘support’ High Dollar Designer. Click here to find out more.

OnlyWire 2.0 – Auto-submit links to multiple bookmarking sites with one click. Easy to Install. Click here to find out more.