Did you think Christmas was the only time to do a ‘seasonal marketing promotion’ for your interior design business?

When thinking about seasonal marketing, there are so many hidden opportunities that exist for your interior design business beyond the ‘typical’ calendar holidays. For example –

– First and foremost, your seasonal marketing could revolve around the four seasons of the year.

– Secondly, it could address various charitable causes that are important to your clients.

– And what about ‘client anniversaries’ for previous clients?

Focusing on calendar holidays is a good strategy, however, consider how many other opportunities are available to you. I’ve listed a few tips to help you get started.

1. Your ‘seasons’ will depend both on your particular design service, and your target market-

For instance, if you market primarily to stay at home moms, the demands of the children’s schedules and seasons must be taken into account. By offering Back to School promotions and other encouragements to purchase at the times convenient to your prospects, you’ll experience a jump in sales.

2. A season you might want to consider would be celebrating special clients on their anniversary dates, such as when they originally hired you-

You could create a ‘special season’ with specific promotions for each client based on their anniversary, the work you did together, and the products they purchased. Your client will love you for this. They’ll feel special, and it will encourage retention, repeat business and potentially, word of mouth referrals.

3. You could also consider creating a season, by promoting a charitable cause important to you or your prospects- 

For example, let’s say breast cancer awareness is an important cause for you. You could offer to donate a portion of your design fee to that cause during breast cancer awareness month.

If your target market values that same cause (and who wouldn’t I mean really), you can be confident that they’ll consider you for their next purchase, if only to make sure the organization gets the donation. Your clients will be participating in a cause they value while encouraging more business for you.

Regardless of the seasons you choose, make sure they coincide with what your prospects want and value. Just because the calendar says there’s a popular holiday approaching, doesn’t mean it will be the best time for a promotion for your target market.Viewing your “seasonal marketing” as more than just dates on a calendar can provide you with a very thorough, very effective marketing plan you can use year after year.

Take a few minutes to uncover the ‘hidden seasons’ in your interior design business. Then get started with seasonal marketing and reap the benefits for your interior design business. For more information check out “Seasonal Marketing for Interior Designers“.

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