I didn’t know what to say!Orange-Phone300

Yesterday I received a phone call from a past client. His website, the one we built for him last summer, his gorgeous website (one of my ‘babies‘)… is gone forever.


I was in shock. 

It took a few minutes to sink in…

He was upset and doing his best to ‘keep it together’. He was holding out hope that there was an old back up of his website, somewhere.

You see… after we finished his website, he did what many business owners do. He decided he wanted to make some changes to the site. This is not a bad thing. Oftentimes there are ‘tweaks’ to be made, adjustments that improve the flow, it’s responsiveness, etc.

However, instead of having the company that built the site, (who knows it inside and out, understands the theme, the wireframe, the flow, the goals, etc…) he hired a company in India to make those “quick” changes.

What did they promise?

I’m sure they said they were cheaper or quicker (or whatever their promise was). Unfortunately for him, they ‘accidentally’ deleted his entire website! And they had NO backups! Ugh.

He’s devastated!

And his business has taken a huge hit! Everything he’s worked for over the last 10 years…POOF

– all his data
– the forms
– blog posts
– products in his store
– images
– testimonials
– graphics

Gone! POOF!

All the time he invested in building the new site. POOF!

I don’t tell you this story to scare you…

but to enlighten you to the importance of your website and your choices. The history that’s been built. All that data. He has lost it all.. as well as the time it took to build it and what it will take to rebuild it, the mental energy, the focus, the grief.

All to save a few dollars, and a few days…

How much did he really “save”?

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