When is the last time you thought about how well you communicate with your clients? In our series about updating your online presence, the next step has to do with a little planning.

Step #1: Write Your Editorial Calendar

Oh I can hear the groans already. I understand, believe me. When it came to sitting down and writing out a plan and a year’s worth of promotions the very first time, I protested quite loudly too (even though it was only to myself). “I don’t have the time to do that!’ I felt overwhelmed before I even started!

However, I will tell you this… after I did this exercise (had to bribe myself to do it), I have to admit that it was one of the best things I ever did. AND… I have done one every year since! Here are some great results you can expect to have when using an Editorial Calendar –

#1. Save time – What used to take FOREVER now gets done quickly!

#2. Eliminate frustration – You have a plan. You know what to write about. No staring at the dreaded blank page trying to figure out what to write about.

#3. Be pro-active – Your marketing is well thought out, not re-active to whatever the wind blows in that day.

#4. Get complete coverage – It’s easy to see the entire year, insuring that each product line (or service) that you offer gets the full attention it deserves. Nothing accidentally gets left out.

#5. Set a strong foundation – Nearly everything you’ll do online, builds on this one sheet of paper – blogging, featured products, Tweets, Facebook posts, newsletters and more.

Save yourself time and frustration… write down an Editorial Calendar. It’s not too late to put one together no matter what time of year! Take a look at our ezine articles if you’d like help with providing high-quality, high-value content for your ezine.

PS: Don’t forget to leave a comment! I’m waiting to hear from you… groans and all.

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