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“Before working with Barbara, it had been several years since I’d had my website updated. I knew it was overdue, but didn’t know where to go or what to do about it.

The first time I met Barbara was about a year ago when she took a look at my website and let me know about some issues I was not aware of – both design wise and marketing wise.

She is so up to date on the many ways to create a website that looks good and is mobile friendly…both of which I was missing. I feel so good now that she “brought me into this century’s look” and today’s technology! She added new freshness to the website and gave it a great polished look that I am really proud of.

Barbara is an interior designer herself and that is a big plus when it comes to creating a website that showcases a design business quite well. Barbara and her team are a wealth of information that you can trust for a website that looks beautiful, has the latest technology and is user friendly. They are very nice to work with and I highly recommend them!!”

Linda Hunt
Interior Designer

She taught me so many things that really worked!

I’ve been trying to build my own website for many years, and it was much more difficult than I realized. I spent hundreds of hours on my website and could not get it to look professional or function properly. No matter what YouTube tells you, the back of my website was not easy figure out. Nothing on my old website worked the way they said it would or the way I wanted.

I was frustrated, discouraged and spent a lot of time and money on a website that didn’t express who I was or what I had to offer.

I had several versions of my logo that I used but wasn’t really thrilled with any of them as I made them up myself. Despite my best efforts, my old website was dark and outdated.

I felt disillusioned and ready to chuck it and give up on the whole business idea. I just could not figure it out.

When I started working with Barbara, I could quickly see that she was very knowledgeable in her field and took into account what I wanted. She had a vision for my business and made recommendations that I had never thought of before, and really liked.

She redesigned my branding and my website.

My website and branding are far more creative and professional looking than I ever imagined. She exceeded my expectations and made a website for me that looks amazing, runs smoothly, is user friendly and beautiful to the eye!

I now have a store and shopping cart, with my own products, on my website… not on an old fashioned mom and pop site somewhere else. I now can see the traffic that comes to my website and I know what products are the best sellers in my store and why.

I feel so blessed to have found Barbara and am once again encouraged about the future of my business. I’m proud of my website and I’m already getting much more traffic than ever before!

I highly recommend her branding, website design and marketing services. If you have any questions, I would be happy to talk with you about my experience working with Barbara.

Candi Christman
C-Christ Ministries

I couldn’t be happier…

Before working with Barbara I really didn’t like my website at all and was ready to completely change it to something else. I just didn’t know what to do and I was really busy with other things in my business, so I never got around to doing anything. It really bothered me and I know it influenced my business.

My biggest struggle was that I was unhappy with the first impression people got when they landed on my website for the first time. The header was busy, too large, the optin box was too small, there were images missing, and my previous web designer just disappeared and left me high and dry, with it looking that way. Secondly, my Facebook banner didn’t match my website’s branding, which I know is very important.

The other designers I spoke to all needed a “specific direction” from me, and to tell them what I wanted. The problem was that I really wasn’t sure how to say ‘out loud’ what I wanted. I couldn’t put words to it, so no work was ever done.

Barbara took one look at my website and really understood me. She had a vision for me and my business that I never would have imagined. I really didn’t have to give her anything….she had a vision and ran with it… and I must say that I’m so glad that I went with Barbara, because I just LOVE what she’s done!

She is really good at what she does and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Araceli Gonzalez
Productivity Mentor and Business Strategist

I felt lost in all the options and possibilities out there…

Before working with Barbara, I was unsure about how best to market my interior design business and was becoming lost in all the options and possibilities available out there.”I didn’t have a clear marketing plan, and all of my marketing efforts had been hit or miss and ineffective. I was spending way too much time on all the wrong things.

As Barbara’s client, I received so much! I got a clearly defined, step-by-step marketing process that Barbara promises (which I’m excited and inspired by – especially since previously, marketing was something I was reluctant to do).

I also received a new professional website, a gorgeous marketing postcard, a new logo, a new business card AND an improved selling process! And to top it all off… I received something I hadn’t even thought of before… an e-commerce product on my website, where I can work with clients from all over the world (talk about exciting)!!!

I am re-energized by the possibilities for my business – that alone is PRICELESS! As a result of working with Barbara, I have a solid plan in place that can more than double my monthly net income over the next 12 months.

Kim Powers
Interior Designer
Stepping Stone Interiors

What a difference working with Barbara has been!

Before working with Barbara, I had 3 website design nightmare experiences. With the last web designer, it took 2 weeks just to get a return phone call or email! I lost a lot of time and money. Many thousands of dollars was spent in vain working with 3 wrong website designers! Fortunately, I found Barbara on LinkedIn.

What a difference working with Barbara has been! She applied her expertise as a graphic artist and interior designer to satisfy my requirements for a visually pleasing and visitor-friendly website. She took the time to patiently walk me through the back end dashboard functions so now I can update my website on my own. I don’t need to hire a programmer to update things for me. And I know that Barbara is available for any help I may need. I am very happy with how the site turned out.

If you are looking for a web designer and a marketer who is familiar with the interior design industry, and knows how to provide a visually stimulating website for your business, contact Barbara. If you’d like to talk to me about working with her, feel free to contact me directly.

Jacqueline S. Butler, ASID
Interior Designer

Before working with Barbara our website was down, I was paying a monthly web hosting fee 300% higher than now, and hadn’t talked with a prospective client in months!

Our marketing materials hadn’t been updated in years. The marketing I was doing just wasn’t working and I didn’t know what to do anymore to get new customers.

After working with Barbara, we re-branded our business image, signed up for a new web hosting account at a fraction of the cost that we were paying before. We now have a beautiful new website that represents us far better than ever before, and automatically pre-qualifies people looking for our services. This saves us a tremendous amount of time and money.

Barbara also designed a postcard campaign and new business cards. I am excited about the results we are getting as a result of working with Barbara. I enjoy working with her, she makes marketing fun.

– Shay Williams, San Clemente, CA

In just 15 minutes…

In just 15 minutes after I finished my call with Barbara, I signed a brand new (and MOST IMPORTANT) IDEAL client! And, it felt effortless and generous to share my skills with her (my client) in exchange for her investment… Truly.

Before coaching with Barbara, I was unclear and timid about selling my services and as a result, conversations with leads tended to focus on price, and I wasn’t closing many private clients. I didn’t know what to do or what I was doing wrong. I felt blocked and kind of intimidated by the whole process. I knew there just had to be a better way.

After working with Barbara I had a very clearly defined plan to follow with client leads, I limited my packages to just three, (which was a challenge for me, being the ‘queen of abundance’) and she helped me feel good about sharing my step-by-step process with potential clients which made selling feel like sharing! It was so simple! I practiced and I felt more confident. I knew that if I followed the process, I could easily close the sale. And guess what? In just 15 minutes after I finished my call with Barbara, I signed a brand new (and MOST IMPORTANT) IDEAL client! And, it felt effortless and generous to share my skills with her in exchange for her investment… Truly.

My advice to those who are thinking about working with Barbara is… just do it! Investing in the expertise of someone who has experience and can lead the way for you is truly priceless. All you have to do is follow the path to success. I can tell you with 20/20 hindsight that working with Barbara, will help you convert her expert advice into your expertise – and get the clients you love. The proof is there.

Cena Block
The Mompreneur Clarity Catalyst

Barbara’s the one I go to…

Barbara has helped us with our marketing and websites for many years. With a creative eye, she has designed several company websites for us.

Barbara’s the one I go to for more information and to discuss marketing strategies for my businesses. If something comes up that I don’t understand how to implement it in my business, I run it by her and Barbara is able to break it down into easy to understand concepts and applications. I am then able to move forward with confidence. I value her creative eye-catching designs and marketing strategies for my businesses. I will continue to work with Barbara for years to come.

David Jones
Business Owner
Yankee Storage

A ‘people person’ with great design and organizational skills.

A real go-getter, Barbara generously shares her creative marketing talents. A team player and collaborator, our work together produces results far better than I could ever achieve alone. Barbara is a ‘people person’ with great design and organizational skills. When she gets hold of an idea she just won’t let go and follows it through to completion. It makes for a formidable combination! Creative and thorough! I always look forward to working with Barbara, because we get a lot done in a short amount of time and we have fun at it too.

Chuck Gregory
Web Developer, Editor
Fort Lauderdale FL

I landed 3 new clients…

Barbara helped me select a new domain, set up a hosting account, designed a new website and installed it for me. I was so impressed with how it all turned out. It was far better than I ever imagined.

I landed 3 new clients that will bring in over $10,000 per month as a result of the clear, concise website Barbara built for my business and the marketing recommendations she made. I am very happy with the work she did. Barbara is responsive, creative and pleasant to work with. I enjoyed it and have signed up to use her services again.

Dr. Boone DDS
Stanton CA

I landed TWO new accounts…

I’ve used Barbara’s creative marketing services for years (even though I’m not an interior designer). I will wait and never go anywhere else again. I learned my lesson!

One time when she was booked, I didn’t want to wait. So I went with a different graphic designer and oh my gosh what a difference! I wasted my time and money and was not happy at all with the results I got when I went with someone other than Barbara.

I went back to Barbara and she whipped out three new postcard designs for me very quickly. I really like her work. The postcards get great results and I still use them today. The other designer took many weeks to complete one design and when I finally got to see it, the work was horrible! I didn’t like what the other graphic designer did at all!

After I got the designs from Barbara I sent out one of her postcard mailings and landed two new accounts that bring in $6900 per month!

Western Landscape Maintenance Plus
San Clemente, CA

I’m finally breaking through…

I just had a brilliant call with Barbara. I learned so much from this lady!

It also brought up how I have a lot of mindset issues around the (sales) call itself – there are things I don’t say that I should be saying because I’m operating out of fear.

I’m convinced that this is why I’m not bringing in the clients, or am getting flaky ones who say yes then take forever to sign up.

I’m finally breaking through the thing that was holding me back from making more money – I feel so much more confident in what I can do for my clients!

Sarada Chaudhuri
The Event Detective

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