Success! Welcome to Coaching!

Welcome to Coaching!

I’m so excited that you’ve decided to take a step towards creating a business that supports your lifestyle and your dreams! I’m delighted to be working together to help you achieve your goals!

Please read these instructions carefully, as they will explain in great detail what your next steps are, and what you can expect.

1. Preparation

Please click on the links below, and provide us with the requested information, 2 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR NEXT COACHING CALL:

Client Information Form

2. Weekly Forms

To make the most your time, please fill out each form as indicated below.

  • 24 Hours Before Each Call: Pre-Call Progress Form. It’s not necessary for the first call, however, please fill it out for each subsequent call and email it back to me 24 hours before each coaching session. Sadly, the clients who do not fill out the Pre-Call Progress Form tend to get off track and see fewer results.
  • PRE Call Progress Form
  • 24 Hours After Each Call: Post-Call Recap Form. The clients who fill this out on a regular basis, get the best results from our work together. And I want the best for you!
  • Post Call Recap Form

3. Coaching Sessions

At the scheduled time of your coaching session, call Barbara at 949.342.4564 to begin your session.


4. Email Access

Should you have any questions or need clarification, please contact Barbara using the personal, private email address listed below –


5. Scheduling

To make an appointment with Barbara, please CLICK HERE to be taken to her online calendar to set up a time. The quickest way to get your appointment on the calendar is to propose 3 available times. You’ll then receive an email confirming the selected time that fits in Barbara’s schedule.


6. Bonuses

CLICK HERE to access your Bonus training materials.

The password = HDD$uccess


Thank you and we’re looking forward to getting started and helping you attract all the clients you need!