I’ve really enjoyed my time here, but it’s coming to the end. I hope with this series of posts, I’ve provided you with some new ideas and perspectives for profitable blogging. When you think about all we’ve talked about it over the past 10 posts, it really comes down to a couple of things.

Great Content:

Great ContentAs a blogger, you aren’t going to get anywhere with substandard content. That’s no secret and I doubt that’s a problem for many people here.

There are so many great bloggers and they are publishing awesome content and engaging their audiences meaningfully, wherever they can.

It’s the next two pieces that are sometimes problematic.

Wise Marketing:

Wise MarketingNever rest on thinking you’ve done enough to promote your blog because you’ve written great content, responded to your comments and posted an update to social media.

It takes more than this.

You have to be active in your marketing. Get out there and reach and retain new audiences. You grow them through advertising, making new connections and writing for other publications. You retain them by growing your mailing list and RSS subscribers. These are all important keys to the puzzle.

Monetization Plan:

Monetization PlanOf course, you also need to monetize your blog. It doesn’t matter if you sell advertising, sell ebook on Kindle or make crafts on Etsy…you have to work it all into your blogging. You need to find advertisers, you need to optimize the placement of ads, you need to create products and you need to tell your audience about them.

All in all, profitable blogging does take work, but it’s more enjoyable and, in the long run, easier than any 9 to 5 job. Put the work in now to enjoy the benefits for a long time to come.

Good luck to you on your blogging journey…wherever it may take you and thank you for taking the time to listen.

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