Postcard Marketing: There is so much to know about sending postcards for your interior design business – offers, calls to action, photography, size, weight, glossy or matte finish, copywriting, bulk mail or first class. Sheesh! No doubt, it can be overwhelming!

Below I’ve listed a few tips and shortcuts you can use to maximize the response rate for your next postcard mailing.

1. Leave a Blank Space at the Bottom – The US post office usually prints an automatic barcode at the bottom of the postcard on the address side. Often times they attach a narrow label on the card first then they print the barcode on the label.

For some unknown reason, sometimes this bar-coded label ends up on the side of the postcard with the image. I regularly get postcards with that label covering up pertinent information near the bottom of the postcard.

Keep this in mind when you set-up the postcards for your interior design business. Position your message at least three quarters of an inch up from the bottom of the postcard on BOTH SIDES – front and back.

2. Timing is everything – Your postcard will get more attention and generate more replies if it doesn’t have to compete with a lot of other mail delivered on the same day.

Tuesday or Wednesday are the best days for your postcard to arrive. The volume of First Class Mail delivered in the USA, on those days is the lightest.

Most local retail stores target their sale ads to arrive on Tuesday. Therefore, I usually mail my postcards on Sunday or Monday (depending on how far they are going). Most will arrive on Wednesday.

Hint: Monday is the heaviest mail delivery day of the week and the busiest day for most people. Do your best to schedule your mail so your postcards do NOT arrive on Monday.

I hope this series has helped you discover how postcards are a great low-cost marketing tool that can drive a high volume of traffic to your web site, generate a flood of new leads, and promote any activity you want in your interior design business.

For more information on how you too can use postcards in your business take a look at our Done-for-You Postcard Marketing service here.

And I look forward to hearing about your successes using postcards in your interior design business…

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