Are your promotional materials and website qualifying, or disqualifying you for the kind of clients and projects you seek?

That’s a vital question at a time when marketing has taken on a new importance for design professionals.

Never has it been easier to buy elsewhere the interior design services and products you sell. Prospects have more options than ever. They’re more choosy – and more insistent on discounts than ever. Profit margins are shrinking.

Given that, you can’t do business the old way. You can’t rely on the same old marketing strategies

Now, design professionals must resort to more sophisticated marketing strategies – like social networking, blogs, ezines and more – as well as the best of the traditional ones.

big splash manualYou’ll find samples and examples, and forms and formats for each in the new Big Splash, Little Cash Manual.

The Big Splash Manual is a collection of all the forms interior design professionals need to market themselves economically, in half the time. It was developed by my colleague Fred Berns, one of the interior design industry’s foremost sales and marketing coaches.

Now you have the opportunity to adapt to your own purposes marketing forms used by some of the most financially successful design professionals.

Forms like sample cover letters to enclose with your contracts, and notes to clients who have expanded the scope – but not the budget – for their project. And an example of a speaker introduction you can use when you present seminars and an “about the author” paragraph you can include with your articles and blogposts

You get a lot more than forms in The Big Splash, Little Cash Manual.

You get articles on how to use them most effectively. Those articles provide you with “how to’s” and insights about what it takes to do million dollar marketing on a shoestring budget.

The articles explain what you need to know to take the “price” out of your promotion. They cover such topics as identifying your “brand,” keys to a killer website, teaching, and how to get on HGTV.

Also included in the Manual are tip sheets and “talking points” you can use to overcome price objections, motivate procrastinators to buy NOW, convince prospects of your value, and much more.

Don’t miss this opportunity to acquire a collection of every form you’ll need to make a maximum marketing impact for an minimal investment of time and money.

This Manual will give you all the tools you need to make a Big Splash for Little Cash in these challenging times – and take your design business and career to the top.

For more details and ordering information,  click here.

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