Today we’re going to cover an equally important but often overlooked seasonal marketing idea: the seasons themselves.

Regardless of your product or specialty (flooring, window treatments, art, accessories, kitchens, etc), your sales are affected by the seasons. Many interior designers tend to launch new marketing campaigns at the first of the year, so that’s the time you’ll want to approach prospects and offer your services as well.

If you are a retailer, you are heavily influenced by the seasons as well. Very few companies are selling bathing suits in autumn or snow skis in spring, so it pays to plan your marketing activities around ‘weather-related’ trends.

Even if your interior design business isn’t directly influenced by seasonal changes in weather, nothing is stopping you from taking advantage of the opportunity. You might consider having a ‘spring cleaning special’ which offers to clear out old outdated furnishings in a client’s guest bedroom and replace it with all new furnishings!

The point is, make your promotions fun, and give people a reason to buy. Whether you’re selling shades or color consultations, you can tie your marketing promotions to the seasons and bring in extra revenue while you’re at it.

How have you used the seasons to better market your products or services? Let me know by adding your comment below.

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